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Jul 30, 2015
Why r u doing this? We should try to get him but we decided to pass for some weird reason... we have zero chances to get him in the future


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Sep 4, 2006
how does a car get jumped by people with knives?

what are they gonna do if you hit the gas? throw a knife at your car lol.

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Why would you drive in one car together with Ozil :rolleyes:

Take the bus instead ffs.
mustve had the windows rolled down and air on full blast


Mar 6, 2007
Yeah, peeps watch too many movies thinking they will automatically fight off two guys with knives. Kolasinac clearly got the red mist, because flight is the natural reaction for most.

What a lunatic though lol. Also, the two robbers shown for the pussies they are. But there are so many stabbings and shootings in London (and elsewhere in the UK) now it's a real gamble thinking you won't get seriously hurt.

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