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Jan 12, 2002
Marcelo is ready. The training sessions gives him a chance to come back and work with the rest of the group. During his holidays in Chile, he spent a couple of hours every day with the ball, and now he's anxious to get back to the pitch: "I hope I don't have last season's problems, I feel happy when I play, and I don't mind the way the team is playing. I'm ready to run more to help midfielders if necessary".

Marcelo talks about the 'new' Juve : "We have new important players in a team that have already won the Scudetto and reached the Coppa Italia final. We're better now, and we can do something important in the Champions League as well. My friend Nesta is the most wanted player, and it's normal, but i think he will be more important to Lazio than any other team.

Last question is about the new law concerning non-european players: "I think its a good law, because it protects young players and the future of Italian football. But as a non-european, its bad news for me".

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Jul 14, 2002
Salas wants trident attack
Posted by Alex | Football Italia

Marcelo Salas believes that he could play alongside Alex Del Piero and David Trezeguet in the new campaign.

The Chilean international is keen to make an impact after missing almost all of last season with injury and wants Coach Marcello Lippi to unleash a trident attack.

"It will obviously be up to Lippi to decide after he tries a number of things out. But I do believe that it is a system that could work," said the ex-Lazio striker.

Salas arrived in Turin last summer but his season was cut short after he damaged knee ligaments in October.

That saw Del Piero and Trezeguet become untouchable first choice strike partners for the entire campaign.

But Salas is now back in training and is confident that Lippi will give him his chance in the first team.

"I think I have the characteristics that Lippi likes in forward players," he added.

"In all the sides that I have played I have always looked to go deep and collect the ball, therefore reducing the distance between the attack and the midfield."

The ex-River Plate star also commented on the recent ruling which will put an end to Italian clubs signing non-EU foreigners for the immediate future.

"On one side it does seem to be a good move because it will help the Italian youth system to improve," he argued.

"But on the other it destroys dreams of players who want to come to Italy and carve out a future for themselves and their family."


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Feb 18, 2001
The first goal of the season is of Liliam Thuram, but great match of Salas. El Matador signs three goals: "I'm very happy for this match. I fell good"”.

Then Salas says: “Thanks to Juventus helps me. Juventus wait for me and I want to make a lot of goals for it”.


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Jul 12, 2002
i hope the new season will bring hapiness to marcelo and juve, he was really unlucky with his first season for juve because of his injuries and all, and yet he was the happiest player in juve's scudetto celebrations


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i'm happy that camoranesi scored int he valle d'aosta match,superb news.
He scored a penalty kick, man. Don't start jumping. Yet...

DPforever, what is the :rolleyes: supposed to mean?


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Jul 14, 2002
LOL. That's very true Stephanho,you don't play against Valle D'Aosta's amtuers every week. ;):LOL:

DPF,remember at France 98 when Thuram scored 2 goals against Croatia? That was unbelieveble! I'm sure Tudor can top that though!:thumb:

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