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Dec 13, 2002
uhh uhh... I'm good at something, what was it again???... oh yeah...

I was a really good basketball player, but unfortunately I had to quit as my knees turned into rubble. Basketball was the last thing my knees needed, but I had to play and keep on even though it hurt like hell. Finally my doctor told me to quit, and that was that. Basketball is really hard on the knees, but I guess playing baseball and football at the same time didn't help much either. Now I only play football. I can handle it for now, but I'll probably have to quit that as well someday :down: F*ck! Wazzup with all these injuries! damn... I'm close to having the world record of broken bones and several other injuries in sports.

As for other talents, I don't know. I'm a pretty good designer (DTP) but I wouldn't call myself an expert... yet ;)

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