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Mar 6, 2007
Japan became the first tier two nation to record three wins at a World Cup, but still finished 3rd.

Should be interesting to see what they do as hosts in four years time.

Pools finished now.

My bets for the rest of the tournament:


South Africa - Wales (by 5 points)

I think the Welsh have just enough, but this is like flipping a coin. The Southern Hemisphere teams are always a mammoth task. South Africa look rigid and tough, but the Welsh matched the Aussies well, who I think are a better team than South Aifrca.


New Zealand - France (by 18 points)

The French won't beat the Kiwis like their shock win in 2007. Ireland were too good for them and the All Blacks will be. The margin could be closer.


Ireland - Argentina (by 15 points)

The Argentines are an impressive attacking side, but I think Ireland will have too much for them, even missing a key player or two. The 'home ' advantage is also an issue here, there are so many Irish over for the World Cup.


Australia - Scotland (by 20 points)

From what I've seen in the group stages this one won't even be close, Australia are a far superior side, but sometimes on the field things can get a lot closer. I just don't see how Scotland get past that defence, or stop them scoring tries. A shock win would have to come from a lot of penalties.


South Africa - New Zealand
Ireland - Australia


New Zealand - Australia

I think all neutrals want to see that final now, it could even be a classic.

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