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Mar 30, 2003
sounds great, rothen would be a great replacement for neddy when needed, from what i've seen of him he is a good crosser of the ball and can create.


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Sep 3, 2002
Let's hope so...

I have my doubts though, about this transfer happening
I mean how much money will monaco be willing to give to salas?


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Dec 16, 2002
Rothen is natural winger from the games that I have seen. He is kind of like David Beckam on the left. Outstanding kicking ability, but no much speed, or technical ability. The difference, I guess, is Beckam is much better player and that Rothen is more direct in his style.:). Anyway, I think Rothen will give tactical variation of switching to more orthodox 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-1-2 when necessary, and add balance to the team as he is left footer. Furthermore, he is very good setpiece taker, so bye bye to some dreadful crossing from Nedved and Del Piero.:D. Its quite amazing how many setpiece goal we score despite Nedved and Alex sending bricks a lot of times.:eek:.
And the price?
Salas?:eek:. You got a deal.:D.
Anyway, I think the deal is a bit unrealistic, until Nonda's situation is sorted out and Salas is willing to take pay cut or we finance part of his salary.


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Jun 4, 2003
sounds great
i saw rothen in confederations cup and i liked his way of playing\
he might be a great replacement for iuliano :p if you keep criticizing that one :LOL:
he is ok
i would like giuly to come too
am i asking too much ??? :p


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Jun 4, 2003
i think there are some money too
after all, rothen can't be compared with salas either in his dreams
and i can't understand why monaco wouls want salas
it remains a mistery i guess


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Jan 31, 2003
i dont know much about rothen..........but at the moment, as long as salas leaves, we can bring in someone like grygera.

and thats good news!


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Jul 27, 2002
taken from football italia
Marcelo Salas is today being linked with a move to Monaco that could see Jerome Rothen join Juventus in return. The Chilean international is on the Turin departure list and transfer guru Luciano Moggi is keen to get rid of him as soon as possible. The usually cagey Moggi has openly admitted that the striker doesn’t figure in the club’s plans but selling him has become increasingly difficult. The major obstacle is with the former Lazio man’s salary – of around £2.6m a year – which few clubs seem able to match. However, Moggi is confident that his close links with the Principality outfit will see a positive conclusion to the talks. It is understood that the Italian champions would like Rothen in return who is known as the ‘French David Beckham’ in his homeland. The 25-year-old made his debut in the Championnat during the 1997/98 season at Cannes before he moved on to Troyes. He signed for Monaco in the summer of 2001 where he has since caught the eye of a number of top clubs.


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May 29, 2003
Dunno why u guys criticize Salas so much, like if he was a really bad player. Salas didn't have much luck in Juve, but is not a bad player at all. I prefer Salas to Zalayeta any day.

Anyway... Rothen wouldn't been a bad swap, but I doubt he will stay with us. He will be probably used to get another player,if he comes.

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