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Jul 22, 2002
Ronaldo calls Zidane Saturday 3 August, 2002


Ronaldo has increased speculation of his desire to play for Real Madrid with a message on his official website.

The World Cup winner thanked Zinedine Zidane for “his compliments after the tournament, saying that I should win the Player of the Year award. That meant as much to me as winning it.”

Il Fenomeno also recalled “Zidane’s friendship during those difficult years of my life, when you came to see me at the Petie Salpetreiere Hospital in France. I shall never forget that day.”

However, the phrase that worries Inter fans further is the closing statement on the website, also addressed to the former Juventus midfielder.

“I take this opportunity to wish you a great season with Real Madrid and set a date: who knows, one day in the future, we can play together. Thank you Zidane.”

Real and Inter have both confirmed with official statements that the Brazilian’s agent Alexandre Martins has “offered his services to the Spanish club,” but that a deal is unlikely to materialise.

The main stumbling block is the £50m price tag, which some say could rise to £80m if the Nerazzurri refuse to let go of the superstar, and a pact of ‘non-aggression’ between the two clubs.

Real director Jorge Valdano also added that “If Ronaldo fails to attend Monday’s press presentation of the Inter squad, it will be a clear sign to continue talks.”

Ronaldo has done little or nothing so far to deny these claims that he has offered his services to the Spaniards.

In fact, when cornered by journalists in Rio de Janeiro the striker would only comment, “I cannot say anything right now. All I can say is that Real are a great club.”

Inter are also keeping relatively quiet on the matter, but the fans are beginning to lose patience with their former hero.

Tension had already grown in the last two months when Ronaldo failed to thank Inter for nursing him back to health and his agents demanded a pay-rise after his World Cup victory.

It is claimed that personality clashes with Coach Hector Cuper are at the centre of his decision to jump ship ahead of his first season back to full health.

I feel sorry for the Inter fans this must be hard to hear....

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Jul 23, 2002
well did anyone see

Inter fans reaction to Ronaldo's arrival at the airport in Milan
a couple of days back

and people are still in wondering why I and fellow Juventino fans are upset with the way Zidane left us

Now some INternista's at least understand us


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Jan 12, 2002
They should change Real F.C. to Traitors F.C. :stuckup:

Now they all have a team of their own: Figo, Zidane, and Ronaldo ..

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