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Jan 31, 2004
Roma transfer chief resigns
Tuesday 2 November, 2004

The Giallorossi are again in the headlines with official confirmation that director of sport Franco Baldini’s resignation was rejected.

“AS Roma,” read a statement on the club website, “and its President Franco Sensi rejected director of sport Franco Baldini’s offer of resignation in respect of his professionalism, the fine work he has done and the contribution to the growth of this club.”

This is another bolt from the blue for the troubled Capital side, which is already in chaos following the row with Antonio Cassano.

The reasons behind Baldini’s shock gesture are as yet unknown, but he is essentially responsible for the day to day running of the club, as well as their transfer chief.

Baldini has been heavily involved in contract renegotiations with Cassano’s agent and this could perhaps be a key element in his offer of resignation.

Whatever the reason, this move has only further increased the growing sense of uncertainty at Roma.

It is not the best way to prepare for this coming Sunday’s crunch match with Milan at the San Siro.

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Aug 30, 2004
RAI UNO - Domenica Sportiva as well as some press hinted that Alessandro Moggi, head of GEA and son of Luciano Moggi would be candidate to replace Baldini as Managing Director of Roma.

This before Baldini resignation. It is unclear what is going on. But it seems that troubled times may lay ahead for AS Roma.

xziz :eek:


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Jun 9, 2003
Yeah, I read that rumour days ago. It would seem there is a new relationship forming between Roma and Juve and if it happens, I'm 90% sure we're getting Cassano.

I'm 100% sure tho that ROma fans will be PISSED! :D


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Mar 16, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Zlatan ] ++
Yeah, I read that rumour days ago. It would seem there is a new relationship forming between Roma and Juve and if it happens, I'm 90% sure we're getting Cassano.

I'm 100% sure tho that ROma fans will be PISSED! :D
Oh that would be heaven sent. :D


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Apr 22, 2003
Can you imagine the kind of strings that can be pulled if Moggi's son becomes Roma's transfer manager?! :LOL:


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Aug 30, 2004
let us not run ahead of things.

However ...

do you remember how Sensiless Fat Face Franco was shouting and spitting to the wind last year and the year before. He was saying that the whole system was corrupt and he was going to save it. He went as far as proposing himself as President of Italian league. Can you imagine this idiot, semi-analphabet, running the Italian league?

Well have you heard the guy this year?


Do you know why?

ANSWER IS, the f***ing idiot, excuse my French Nicole, indebted himself to the point he could not pay his debts, including among many others: Capello stipend (why do you think he let Capello go so easily? YES, you won, Capello gave up the chance to sue the guy for missed payments and he gave up a few months of pay, in order to be set free). But also including Totti, pupone, stipend, Cassano, bad boy, stipend and all the other players, workers, suppliers, contractors.

Guess why Cassano, and everybody who can, would like to leave Roma?

YES, you guessed again, because Sensiless Fat Face Franco cannot pay his debts.

BTW, Sensiless Fat Face Franco sold several personal possessions, including a hotel in Rome, to face his debts. However only the 104 Million € two year television contract with SKY saved his neck. The contract was signed a couple of weeks ago. So, from them on, Sensiless Fat Face Franco has become a stunch supporter of Galliani (Milan Vice-President, and President of the Italian Ligue), as second term President of the Ligue.

I guess Sensiless Fat Face Franco, at this point, may also accept Alessandro Moggi as Managing Director.

I guess soon Moggi and Sensiless Fat Face Franco will hug each other and Juventus fans will become fraternal with Roma fans and the world will be in peace and everyone will have equal rights, and resources will be equitably distributed, and every human being will have the right to happiness, and .......

OOOOPPPPPPPPSSSS just went too far here. Sorry, for the moment let us just stop to Sensiless Fat Face Franco agreeing to Cassano's transfer to Juventus.


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