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May 29, 2005
Way to go my man, Rodrigo. Show em. I remember @Hustini hating on you :grin:
Because he wasn't growing. He had a better season but he has to cut it out with the retarded yellow cards and take more risks going forward. Those were my two biggest criticisms of him.

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Hopefully Pirlo finds a home for him in midfield this season that brings him out of his shell and he can really accelerate his growth.


Release clause?
May 22, 2009
Haha, I see people on Twitter(I know, doesn't say much) have turned on him. As usual they just want a new shiny toy. Forza Benta, looking forward to seeing him boss next season together with Rabiot and Arthur.


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Jul 30, 2015
People on twitter are morons even by TuZ standards. Shiny new toy my ass. Show me one CM under 25 who is better. Frankie De Jong and that's possibly it, and Frankie doesn't do what Rodrigo does, he is more "clean" game player.
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