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May 11, 2004
Taking over what exactly? It's not like Bettega really had a role to play when Agnelli, Marotta and Paratici are all there.

Anyway, Nedved is taking charge of the youth sector.
Taking over the seat that Bettega used to occupy at the matches. We need someone to show them how to be a man, don't you remember his effect when he first joined us?


Sep 4, 2007
I still don't get it. why?

I mean even if Marotta, Nedved arrived and Blanc stays, I'm sure we can find him something to do.. like scouting or at least being always in the stands!

his presence between Secco and Blanc was the only reason I could stand looking at our board


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Jul 15, 2003
Yeah, sure, let's tack another wage on. Perhaps this is the reason they choose the likes of Taddei rather than spend the extra $500 000 a year to meet a decent player's wage?


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Jan 14, 2005
Juventus Are Not Inferior To Inter Or Milan - Roberto Bettega

Former Juventus director Roberto Bettega has issued a plea of unity for the club, defending them from recent criticism after a series of poor results.

The Bianconeri's season has opened up to a dull reality following defeat at Bari and a home draw against Sampdoria.

And they have come under attack from a number of critics who claim they are not Scudetto material, perhaps the biggest critic was Luigi Del Neri himself, who said the objective was not the title.

However, despite internal concerns, Bettega, who left his post as director at the end of last season, believes Juventus can compete with the usual suspects.

"Looking at the first two weeks of the season, I would say there are no teams to which Juventus should feel inferior," Bettega told Mediaset programme 'Controcampo'.

"Inter have scored two goals in two games, Milan lost to Cesena... Who is impressing? Why should they worry about being inferior to these? No, I don't think so."


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Apr 14, 2013
'Text message ruined my Juve career'
By Football Italia staff


Former Juventus striker Vincent Pericard claims his career with the Bianconeri was ruined by an accidental text message to Roberto Bettega’s girlfriend.
Pericard was considered one of Europe’s brightest prospects when he joined Juve from Saint-Etienne in 2000, but the Frenchman subsequently became a journeyman in English football, joining Portsmouth two years later.
It was a move that the 36-year-old saw as punishment, given he did not know his English tutor was the partner of an Old Lady legend before he invited her out for a drink.
“My entire life outside of Juve has been scandalous,” The Sun quotes him as telling Camfoot.
“Myself and two other French players at the club were having Italian lessons with a beautiful tutor.
“One evening we were at home and I sent the teacher a message inviting her round for a drink with us.
“An hour later the phone rang. It was Roberto Bettega, the Juventus vice-chairman. He told us off and asked us who we thought we were to send messages to his girlfriend.
“We didn't know she was his girlfriend. We were hauled in for talks, and they loaned me out to Portsmouth.
“It was terrible as things had been going so well for me at Juventus. I ruined my career with Juve all because of an unfortunate text.
“I have no doubt that without that happening, my life would have been totally different.”


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