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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
Barça unveil new boss

Former Netherlands manager Frank Rijkaard was unveiled as the new coach of Spanish giants Barcelona at a press conference at the Nou Camp on Monday afternoon. The announced comes just hours after the Catalan club revealed that former boss Radomir Antic would not be getting a new contract.

In a day of hectic activity on the north-east Spanish coast, other news has emerged that Ronald de Boer has been released, and a move to England may be on the cards. The Dutch defender has expressed an interest in playing in England in the past with Blackburn Rovers a possible target.

"I believe I have two or three years at the top level and I am thinking of England and Holland next. I will go on holiday and then we will see," De Boer said. Meanwhile Barcelona have reached a verbal agreement with Phillipe Cocu over an extension of the midfielder's contract.

Rijkaard can expect more frantic transfer activity in his early days at the Nou Camp helm, as the club look to rebuild after a desperate season.

Rijkaard has only had two major managerial positions since he hung up his boots in 1995, as Dutch coach, replacing Guus Hiddink in 1998, and with Sparta Rotterdam in the Dutch league in the 2001/ 2002 season.

With Holland he was a relative success; guiding them to the semi-finals of the Euro 2000 after a series of bad friendly results leading up to the tournament had put his future in doubt. However he failed to keep Sparta Rotterdam from being relegated, in the end stepping down from his position after his family had received a live bullet in the post with a message attached that threatened the lives of him and his family.

If Rijkaard thought that things were getting a little hot for him at Sparta, he could be in for a shock at the Nou Camp.

Despite securing a place in the UEFA Cup on the final day of the Spanish season on Sunday, they have fallen further and further adrift of long-time rivals Real Madrid in recent years and the supporters are demanding that the gap in class between the two be closed fast.

The supporters fury was hardly placated by seeing Madrid steal David Beckham from under their noses, and newly-appointed president Joan Laporta must know that his choice of coach could determine his own future.

With the new presence of Rijkaard, the obvious Dutch connection may prove either a blessing for the club, particularly in keeping players like Marc Overmars and Patrick Kluivert, but it may also be a hindrance. Former Barça coach Louis van Gaal was heavily criticised by the fans for putting such a heavy emphasis on Dutch connections by bringing in a new influx of players from Holland.

If Rijkaard opts for a similar tactic, he had better hope for results quickly or those white hankies could be out before he has even warmed his seat on the bench.

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Jul 12, 2002
This is great. Maybe Rijki can convince some of the dutch colony to stay on board, at least Cocu and Overmars, I hope.


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Dec 13, 2002
This dutch thing has not been working for them in the last few years... why do they keep bringing back dutch coaches/players??? :confused: They're living in the past... which is fine by me, cuz I hate that club :fero:


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Feb 18, 2001
One Dutchman in the other one out. Frank De Boer was the first one who got the boot from the Barça officials. And rightly so!


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Jul 12, 2002
I think he can do good, definetely not the worst they(we) could do. I'm excited to see what happens next season. If only I could get some Spanish football on my telly! :fero:
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nina ] ++
One Dutchman in the other one out. Frank De Boer was the first one who got the boot from the Barça officials. And rightly so!
What do you know? Do you watch Barca? I doubt it, because if you did, you'd realise that De Boer has been the heart of that team for the past three years or more. He's the only good passer on the squad and he's the anchor of the defence.
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Hydde ] ++
Wel, in one or in other way, that squad need reinforcements, they need to do some changes.
First change: A NEW GOAL KEEPER! they need to buy a real keeper who will come in and be the undisputed number one and perform like it. I have faith that Rijki will do it.
Dj Juve

Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
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    frey, rustu, abiati, cudicini, friedel or that young roma GK wil be my main targets


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    Dec 16, 2002
    Barca will need to buy a big players this summer, not just because the team needs to fill in certain roles but give the sense of new start, and revolution. I think Rijkaard is a good coach, but I am not sure whether he can install the discipline and desire that is lacking in current Barca squad. Hiddink would have been the right choice IMO. New CB, goal scoring attacker, defensive midfielder wouldn't be too bad either. More importantly, the team needs to be patient, and set realistic goals to achieve. They can't and will not overtake Madrid next year. Qualifying for the CL should be the priority and reduce the squad significantly, and buy quality starters. Overall, I wish Barca good luck, and certainly let hope they can overtake Real in couple of years time.:)


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    Jul 25, 2001
    The only reason Rijkaard got the job is because Johan Cruyff has a VERY big influence in Barca backstage. I really wish he stopped interfering.

    Rijkaard sucks as coach. He did a reasonable job with the NT but completely screwed up Sparta Rotterdam. The club was more than capable of ending up in the higher part of the table but he managed to get them relegated!

    About Rijkaard's assitant Henk ten Cate: he is simply GREAT. He managed to get a below average club (NAC Breda) high in the table with only little material. Arguably Holland's best coach of last season, next to Ronald Koeman.

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