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Sep 30, 2002
Hey everyone!!

Name: Dominik
Nickname: skiznigit
Age: I will be 18 in 3 days (1/2/86)
Nationality: Polish
Hobbies: Soccer, Rugby, Hanging out wit my sweetheart and friends, and of course going to parties!!! hell yea!!
Music: Metallica, God Forbid, Arch Enemy, etc.
Fav. Movie: 25th hour, fight club, seven, Gladiator, bad boys 2
Fav. Actor: Edward Norton
Fav. Teams: Juventus!!!!!, Italy, Poland
Fav. Players: Del Piero!!!!, Zidane, Buffon, Maldini(i respect that guy so much!), Davids, Van Der Vaart
Fav. Quotes: "A true friend is someone who is there for u when he'd rather be anywhere else.", "Live everyday like it's your last"
People that i care about: O'Reily BOys...BRo's Before HOes', My mom (shes the only one that really loves me, HOW SAD), and of course my gf Heather (me and her have been through everything! i just love her so much, and i wont be able to see her till next summer. she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. and i know that someday we will be back together)

and to all juve supporters!! i might not always agree on your opinions but i will always respect em. cuz we are all here for the same reason!! to suppost juve the greatest team in the world!!

here is my old pic, its from last year or so

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Oct 16, 2002
Okay, a little bit bout myself...

Name : Mohammad Azim
Age : Just turned 26 two weeks ago (but I tell everyone I'm 24)
Nationality : Malaysian
Location : Kuala Lumpur
Interests : 3 things makes my life bearable; women, football, music , though not necessarily in that order....
Women that I love : My girlfriend, my ex-girlfriends, all hot women wlling to give me the time of day....
Football that I love : Juventus, Italy, Argentina, Italian Seria A, Primera Liga, Del Piero, Maradona, Zidane, Maldini, Baggio, all beautiful football.....
Football that I do NOT love : Liverpool, Anelka, Denilson, Cantona!!
Music that I love : Music that rocks; music that doesn't suck.. Fave all-time bands; Converge, Theatre Of Tragedy, Minor Threat, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Nirvana .
Music I do NOT like :Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit, Simple Plan, hip hop (xcept for Outkast n Eminem), most pop....
Music that's currently on my player : Muse, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Walls Of Jericho, Converge, Rancid, Asian Dub Foundation, At The Drive-In...
Fave movies of all-time : Godfather 1 and 2; The Exorcist 1
Other clubs that I respect : Bayern Munich, River Plate, Monaco, Ajax, Kuala Lumpur.... Is it okay for me to admit that I also respect, to a certain, lesser... extent, that i might, possibly... for historical reasons..... respect.... I mean, acknowledge... the existence of AC Milan??
Started supporting Juve in : 95

Sorry, no pics as of yet... So for the moment, just imagine that I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and George Clooney....

Ben Knight

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Dec 31, 2003
Ben Knight
18 yrs old (wrong date of birth on my profile)
brown hair
I like to listen to Rand B, hip hop and dance music
I have been to see juve play once when they got beat by Newcastle. (CL)
I have been a Juve fan since i was 6
My favourite teams are Juve, Newcastle, Real Betis and Italy
My phone Number is available for any Young ladies who are interested.

Mr Sarcasm

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Jan 8, 2004
Name: Nour
Nick: Mr Sarcasm
Age: 17
Weight: 56-57 kilos, something like that
Height: about 1.80
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Nationality: Dutch, born in Amsterdam, 1/2 Dutch 1/2 Egyptian
City: Amsterdam
Interests: Sports in general ( I play tennis), gaming, internet, reading, films
Started supporting Juve in: 96', the beat Ajax in the CL-final that year, I figured that a team that could beat Ajax only could be the best team in the world.
Other teams: AFC Ajax, AC Sparta Praha, FC Porto
Favorite players: My absolute favorites are: Del Piero, Okocha, Sneijder, Zelenka and Maniche.
Occupation: Student
Dreaming of: I have many different dreams. My most important dream concerning Juve: see them win the Champions League, here at the Amsterdam ArenA ^^'

I can't find the pic of myself that I had on my computer, I'll see if I can edit later.


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Jan 10, 2004
Name: Haytham M.
Nationality: Lebanese
Age: 22
Status: Single...waiting for the 'right' one... :(
Height: 1m68
Weight: 60-62 kg
Occupation: Prospective university graduate (Political science)
Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French, Greek.
Hobbies: Reading (modern fiction & Non-fiction politics/philosophy), movies, FOOTBALL, music, beautiful women...

Favorite music: Rock/Metal/Alternative (Soundgarden/Chris Cornell/Audioslave/Wellwater Conspiracy/Temple of the Dog - anything that has to do with Chris Cornell/Soundgarden, basically...then Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, U2, REM, and much much more.)

Why I support Juventus: Roberto Baggio. Around 1992-93 I pretty much turned DIE HARD Juventino, and never looked back. I don't regret it :)

Favorite players: R. Baggio the divine. Alessandro Del Piero the inspiration. Marco van Basten the sniper. Diego Armando Maradona the KING OF KINGS. Fabrizio Miccoli the next big thing.

Political outlook: Pro Lebanese, anti-sectarianist. Anti-hegemonic.

Ambitions/dreams: For Lebanon to be free, to find the WOMAN of my dreams, to have a good career, and for Juve to do the treble and Italy win the World Cup in 2006 with Alessandro Del Piero being top scorer of both sides.

that's pretty much me....:angel:


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Nov 15, 2003
Weight:About 44 kg
Start supporting Juve:2001 July
Fav Players:Nedved,Jankulovski,Porbosky,Rosicky,Koller
Dream of:Meeting Nedved,Juve winning the Champions League,Scudetto and Coppa Italia
Why I support Juve:Because of Nedved


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Jan 9, 2004
Name: Victoria Trofimova
Nick: Vicky
Age: 17 (31-08-1986)
Weight: 50 kg or so i'm not sure but it's 117 lbs
Height: 167 cm
Hair color: naturally blond but i dye it black .... thining about makin it red ( like an orange kind of red )
Eye color: green
Nationality: half russian half ukrainian but lived in ukraine for the most part of my life
City: Providence, RI, US
Interests: this is a tough one i think you'll have to find out yourself
Music: Nirvana, Gorillaz, Tricky, Insane Clown Posse, Sublime, Slayer, Cristal Method and well that's just the first few that came to my mind
I can't stand: there is too much but i'll try to think of as many as i can..
people that talk too much shit, and people that lie and people that try to move themselves up by putting other people down ..... and the ones that brag ..... so if you're one of those GO [email protected] YOURSELF .. yeah ....... toothache ...... TV ..... lies ...... FAKENESS .... my stepdad even though he's not a THING ..... sports ..... preps ....... gangstawannabes .....

so yeah that's me and here is a picture of me ....... not the best one and i don't reall look allthat dark in real life lol


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May 14, 2003
Again me! This time, belive or not WITH PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
Please, comment it on my PM!!!!! I know I am so damn ugly, but anyway... This pic is taken about half hour ago!!!! :) So, I am really like this!!

Anyway.... my profile....

Name: Ana Tomić

State/City: Croatia, Mali Lošinj

Date of birth/place: 5th september, 1988, Rijeka (Croatia)

I love: Music (almost every type), football, Juventus, sea, ships, animals, boys :)D), my familly ;), wood wind band "Josip Kašman" where I play clarinet, belive or not AC Milan, Gigi, Camo, Davids, Nesta, Tacchi, Dida........ And many things more!! I will write them when I remember!

I hate: Bayern Műnchen, Oliver Kahn, selfish people, persons that are your friends just when they need something, racism, wars, jelaous people (altough I am jelaous too ;) )........

My pet: Budgie - no name! :D

Fav food: All types of pasta, fish, pancakes, toast :lick:

Fav drink: Sprite, Tangerine, Tonic, hot chocolate, many types of coctails.... juice-vodka...............

Fav colour: Blue, Yellow, Orange.....

Fav Countries: SLOVENIA, CROATIA & ITALY!!!!!!

What else?? I think that`s it!

Yeah... I forgot the pic..... Please watch and laugh!!!
Oct 2, 2002
You could ignore it..but for those who are interested who is da Milan guy over here, I will put a short intro ....

Name: Vugar Novruzov
Nick: Il Phantomo, Forza ACMilan, Phantom
Age: 24
Date of birth/place: 12-Jun-1979/Baku, Azerbaijan
Weight: 89 kg
Height: 165 cm
Hair color: I have not scrutinized it yet :D
Eye color: Brown
Nationality: Azeri
City: Baku, Azerbaijan
Language: Azeri, English, Russian, Turkish :) (Little bit lazy to learn Italian, although I want it :D)
I love: AC Milan!
I hate: Intermerda!
Interests: Soccer , computers, internet, friends, music, PC Games
Music: any music...
Started supporting AC Milan in: 88/89
Other teams I support: Juventus FC (sometimes :D)
Favorite players: Sheva, Van Basten, Maldini, Nesta, Totti :D, Kaka, Pirlo
Occupation: Finance Manager
Dreaming of:...hmm....lots of things.. :D


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
I've agreed with Anders to make this thread for profiles only, thus they become more visible to those who want to locate them, instead of having to dig through all the chit chat.

Consequently, all posts except for the profiles have been removed. And I hope you see the idea behind this and respect the intention of the thread.


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Nov 18, 2003

Name: Ramin
Nick: Rambo :D
Age: 22 (16-11-1981)
Weight: somewhere between 60 to 70 kg
Height: 178 cm
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Nationality: Iranian
current City: Glasgow, Scotland
Started supporting Juve: since 1996
Fav. players: DEL PIERO, zambrotta, aimar, batistuta
Fav. Music: Coldplay, Ours, Muse, Radiohead, Travis, Lifehouse, Nirvana, Dido, Red hot chiili peppers, and Oasis.
Fav. Movie: Donnie Brasco
Most hated Team: Real Madrid :fero:
Occupation: Student
No pic for now, maybe some other time.


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Nov 10, 2003
...after some time in this forum..I just realize this thread:p
anyway this is me...

Name: Sidek
Nick: Sidz
Age: 17 ; 30 - 11 - 1987
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 175 cm
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Nationality: Malaysian
Current City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Started supporting Juve: since 1998
Fav. Juve/Ex-Juve players: Pippo Inzaghi, Angelo Peruzzi, Antonio Conte, Ale Tacchinardi, Ciro Ferrara, Paolo Montero, Gianluca Zambrotta, Pavel Nedved, Zizou
Fav. Players: Pippo Inzaghi, Gigi Buffon, Santa Canizares, Timo Hildebrand, Fernando Torres, Alan Smith, Roque Santa Cruz, Lucio, Gareth Barry
Whenever I play football, I play as a: Goalkeeper, Defender(Right), Wing(right), Striker
My fav./prefered position: Goalkeeper, Striker
Other Sport I played: Field Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Ice Hockey(only in vids games:D)
Fav. Music: : Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Green Day, Blink 182, Nirvana, Rancid, Muse, Radiohead, The Calling, 3 Doors Down, Sid Vicious
Why I support Juventus: cause Pippo and Peruzzi played for juve
Language: English, Malay, Italian(basic), Spain(basic)
Fav. Movie: The Godfather, Lord of the Ring, Scary Movie
Most hated Team: Real Madrid, Man Utd, France/Les Blue
I can't stand: when girls moaning and crying, Man utd fans
Occupation: Science Student
Dreams: To be the one who take Malaysia to the WC for the 1st time:p, To be a Scientist, to play for a rock band, marry to Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco
My Dream team:

F. Arce-----------P. Maldini-------------A. Nesta-----------Harte

----------------------------------A. Conte----------------------------

P. Nedved--------------------------------------------------H. Kewell

-------------------A. Del Piero-------------A. Smith------------------

--------------------------------Pippo Inzaghi------------------------

Timo Hildebrand
Gareth Barry
C. Ferrara
C. Martinez
M. Kilgallon
R. Van der Vaart
R. Santa Cruz progress:p


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Check it out...

I've agreed with Anders to make this thread for profiles only, thus they become more visible to those who want to locate them, instead of having to dig through all the chit chat.

Consequently, all posts except for the profiles have been removed. And I hope you see the idea behind this and respect the intention of the thread.


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Dec 25, 2003
Name : Amr Hosam
nick : Amoura
Age 16
best player i like : DP
Country: Egypt
Languages : Arabic,English and a bit french
Teams: Juve ,AHLY
eye color : Brown
hair color : Black
Height: 180 CM
weight : 60 Kilograms

I hate: Ac milan

Intrests: Playin' soccer and watching Juve :):)


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Oct 31, 2003
nick:tikus..(may be coz i talk a lot)
best player: buffon, kaka'
team:juve..juve juve...and kedah..
hair colour black
weight 58
i hate:manshit and ass-senal...


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Apr 22, 2003
Kaiser, they've been deleted, because this thread is only for revealings. So expect that post that u just wrote to be deleted too :p

I got ur e-mail with the photo, so everyone, here's Kaiser's pic:
Dec 27, 2003
Cheers Gray thank you for posting it. It's me alright, smoking a fat one in peaceful Copenhaguen.

Some infos about what you see : Im 1 m 88 tall, weigh 82 kilos or so, green eyes, half long dirty blonde hair.


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Feb 1, 2004
Name : Freddy Samir

Age : 20 (14-9-1983)

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 89 Kg

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Nationality : Egyptian

City : Cairo

Intrests : Internet, Soccer, Juventus, Liverpool, Barcelona

Favorite Players : Alessandro Del Piero, Pavel Nedved, Buffon, Figo, Zidane, Owen, Steven Gerrard

Started Supporting Juve : from 1996

Occupation : Student at college studying engineering


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Oct 31, 2003
other sport i played;field hockey,archery...
occupation:electronic eng. student..majoring on analog ic design..
start supporting juve..96..when juve win our 2nd CL...
i want to meet:mrsm beseri's students batch 13..i miss u all...plz contact me



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Feb 1, 2004
Name : Sonya Yulianti Jaya / Sonya Yang
Nick : Nyos, Sonya
Age : on my way to 17 (1 day after Tacchi)
Height : 155 cm (am I the shortest here?:groan:)
Weight : 47 kg
Hair color : black
Eye color : black/dark brown
Nationality : Indonesian
City : Mojokerto (3rd February 2004 Mojokerto was flooded:down:, luckily my house was saved:D)
Started supporting Juve in : 1999

Features : tomboy, good-looking, smart but lazy
Interests : soccer, PlayStation (WE), computer, handphone, TV, ............, sleeping
Occupation : high school student
Fav movie : Bruce Almighty
Fav song : One in A Million (Bosson)

Fav goalkeepers : Buffon, Kalac, Casillas
Fav defenders : Legrottaglie, Nesta, Tudor, Ferrara, Maldini
Fav winger : Zambrotta, Beckham, Camoranesi
Fav midfielder : Nedved, Tacchinardi, Davids
Fav striker : Del Piero, Trezeguet, Raul, Corradi

Dream : being one of Juve people (just 1 in 999999999999999.....)

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