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Jul 23, 2002

Predict which 4 teams will lose their Seria A spots at the end of the season

Since it is already clear in our minds that Juve will win

It might be fun to specualte on which 4 teams will finish bottom 4.

Here is who it works
Predict 1 Team Right = 1 point
Predict 2 Teams Right = 3 Points
Predict 3 Teams Right = 6 Points
Predict 4 Teams Right = 10 Points

Bonus Points:
Predict the Right Place of a team = 2points for each right place.
I.E. Parma finish 16th your prediction 16th = 2points.

Predict the right amount of number of points for a Relegation Team = 3 points for each right prediction.
I.E. Cheivio finish 15th with 21points your prediction 21points.

Have fun.......

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