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Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
Yeah, It's a shame! dang the referees :)
I hope Fiorentina will get crushed by us on wednesday for this defeat :D


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Aug 30, 2004
That is exactly what analysis of slow motion on RAI UNO determined. However Kapo was in offside.

I posted the full analysis on the Reggina - Juventus thread. However. The Goal by Hibra was good, There was a unmistakable penalty against Reginna for hand in area in the first half, and their first goal was a bad mistake by Cannavaro.




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Jun 9, 2003
The replays show that Olivera just slightly touched the ball with his head, and at that time Kapo was offside. I've got it on tape, maybe I'll look at it later.

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Andy ] ++
Now that's not a handball, now is it Zlatan? ;)

It had nothing to do with the handball, Paparesta could've dissallowed the goal only for offside position, but that's only if Olivera touched the ball.

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