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Mar 6, 2003
Hahaha i remember some years ago.,,, i saw a video in mtv called "Sechsucht" or something like that!!!.

I just saw all those freaky german moving his heads up and down.... the guitars just with not melodic riffs, the vocalist smashing the microphone in his head like a maniac.........and the guitarrist with that rare bondage clothes... and again the people, moving his head like a cult................

then i whisper to myself just: "wow"

I loved that song since the first time......... is very weird but i dont know why i like it!!!. Is cool at the same time!!!.

I didnt like that band too much tough....

I donwloaded a video of "Du hast" with backgroun scenes of one of my favprite animes of all times : " X TV". And it was just cool. You know this rammstein guys are kinf ¡d of crazy....and because the "X Movie" was full of blood and gory scenes..it was just ion contrast with the music! It was so cool. I started to like that songs because of that video.

I dont download music of rammstein...but sechsuchnt and du hast are very cool

EDIT: hey i donwloaded the sechsucht video again!!!!! :D!!! so cool!!!



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Aug 26, 2003
Let Me See you stripped :D ..now thats a great song !! :skull::cool:

i remember performing this song at a Karaoke bar when i was drunk :D .Brilliant ! :p

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