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Aug 11, 2002
LUIS BOA MORTE has spoken of his shock and anger at suffering alleged racist abuse from Duncan Ferguson.
Fulham striker Boa Morte, 26, said the Everton star was not human.

And Portuguese wide-man Boa Morte will not rest until he gets a public apology.

Boa Morte claims he was called a ‘black ****’ during last Sunday’s 1-1 FA Cup fourth round draw at Goodison Park.

He fears that if the FA try to sweep the allegations under the carpet at their Soho Square HQ then it will send a dangerous signal to the football world.

The Cottagers player believes other black professionals could be targeted as well as young kids at grass roots level. That is why he is prepared to take legal action if the FA do not act.

Boa Morte, 26, has the full backing of his Fulham boss Chris Coleman in his battle with the former Scottish international.

Former Arsenal star Boa Morte said: “I have been in football a long time but no one has ever abused me like Duncan Ferguson did.

“Even now I cannot believe he called me a ‘black ****’ to my face.

“It is inhuman in this day and age that it still goes on.

“It is incredible when so much good work is being done off the pitch to educate fans about racist behaviour that a professional should verbally attack another like that.

“It all happened when the ref was booking another player at the other end of the pitch.

“Ferguson aggressively came towards me and started the abuse, telling me this and that and calling me a ‘black ****’.

“I was totally shocked. During my career, no one has ever used those words about me before.

“The FA must investigate or else every black player, every black kid in local parks will be targeted.

“If nothing is done Ferguson gets away with it and the clear signal is — it’s OK to abuse black players.

“Well, it’s not fair on me, fellow pros or the thousands of black kids who might be put off becoming a professional if they think racist abuse is fine. And what about the black players in his own team? By abusing me like that, he abuses them, too.

“I will not let this rest. If the FA try to sweep it under the carpet, I’ll take it to a higher authority. I am really angry about this.

“I don’t have any history with Ferguson, this was totally out of the blue. We were just holding each other because we were going to fight for the ball.

“He punched and pushed me and I am sure the linesman saw but he did not tell the referee.

“Never mind that, the racism was worse. Even now, I still shudder at the memory. Abuse like that can scar — his horrific words are far more painful than punches.

“I know that sometimes I can be no angel on the pitch but I would never attack someone for the colour of their skin.

“One of the reasons I — and many other black players — came to England is that we believed racist abuse from the terraces had been stamped on.

“I still believe that to be true today. Now the authorities have to tackle the racist abuse on the pitch . . . starting with Ferguson.”

Everton refused to comment on Friday. But a spokesman for Ferguson said: “Anybody who knows Duncan knows he would never say anything like that.”

Fulham boss Coleman added: “We’re trying to find out if any other players heard what was said. We’re treating this matter very seriously and trying to go down the right channels in dealing with it.”

Players’ union boss Gordon Taylor said: “Our executive committee in London will be looking at this, along with those involved with our anti-racism campaign.”
FA still waiting for complaint


THE FA said they were still to receive any communication from Fulham on Friday night.

A spokesman for the FA said: "We have had no complaint."

The irony is that if Fulham do not contact the FA the heat will turn on them.

The FA are unhappy the situation has become public before it was raised at Soho Square.

They will ask the club to explain their position if no complaint has been made by the middle of next week.

FA chief Mark Palios is determined that the FA acts swiftly in disciplinary matters.
I'll sue 'racist' Dunc


LUIS BOA MORTE will sue Everton hitman Duncan Ferguson if the FA fail to act on his allegation of racist abuse.

And Fulham have pledged to back their striker in his fight for justice.

Boa Morte claims he was called a “black ****” during the FA Cup clash at Goodison Park last Sunday.

Ferguson vehemently denies the allegation.

Fulham boss Chris Coleman said: “If Luis said this happened, then I’m in his corner 100 per cent.

“It’s a very serious allegation and there’s no way he is going to make up something like this to cover his own back.

“He is an emotional type of guy who is very passionate about his football and gets into a little bit of trouble on the pitch.

“We found out about this last Monday and have been trying to get to the bottom of the matter ever since.

“To be honest, we tried to persuade Luis not to talk about it until we had got all the information.

“I don’t think having this matter blasted all across the papers is the right way to go about it.

FERGUSON ... centre of race row

“But that is out of our hands now. It’s out there and we have to deal with it.

“The danger now is that this will only fuel bad feeling ahead of next week’s replay. And the last thing we want is another incident.

“I’ll make sure my players don’t react in the wrong way.”

The claims came just days after Boa Morte, 26, was charged with misconduct by the FA for inciting Everton fans during the Premiership clash at Loftus Road three weeks ago.

The Portuguese international has a history of confrontation with the Merseyside club.

Yet Coleman insists he has no intention of leaving the tricky winger out of next week’s potentially explosive fourth round rematch.

He said: “I don’t see why I shouldn’t pick him. If it’s true that these things have been said to him, it’s not his fault. So he’ll play.”

FA chiefs were still waiting for Fulham to make a formal complaint yesterday afternoon but will write to Boa Morte asking for an explanation of his comments.

Everton refused to comment on Friday.

But a spokesman for Ferguson said: “Anybody who really knows Duncan knows that he would never say anything like that.”

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Jul 12, 2002
If he said that, the FA should make an example of him. There's no need for the "Kick racism out!" campaigns if they overlook things like this. If I was in charge he would get a hefty ban, and I'm not talking matches or weeks, I'm talking months.


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Jan 12, 2002
I don't think Duncan Ferguson is racist. Earl Barrett, a black player, was one of his best friends in Everton, they got along well and even shared a room during their travels. Nevertheless, what Duncan said is still unacceptable and yes, he should be punished for it.


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Oct 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by tarmpropp ] ++
If he said that, the FA should make an example of him. There's no need for the "Kick racism out!" campaigns if they overlook things like this. If I was in charge he would get a hefty ban, and I'm not talking matches or weeks, I'm talking months.
if he really said it,i dont think he should get less than Ferdinand,IMO racism is worse than drugs,Racism comments in the field should be given heavier bans than taking drugs.

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