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Jan 22, 2004
Here are the results to the Incubo's "No Holds Barred" POLL:

NOTE: Notable mention means the second person received at least more than two votes AND came in second place.
(Classic lines: too good to pass up..some of you are cruel!)


1. Potential for becoming the next Fred:
Winner: “There is only ONE FRED.”
Notable mention: Egypthian_Juventino

2. Clueless: Three way tie: Azzuri7-Egypthian_Juventino, Lilliana
Notable Mention: Srecka

3. Magnetic on-line personality: Sergio
Notable Mention: Gray-Padovano

4. Poster who probably fantasized over Emma’s picture: Graham. Notable Mention: Don Bes.

5. Poster who probably fantasizes over Vilhelmas’s picture: Lilliana. Notable mention: Incuborossonero.
Classic line: “No one would be that said”

6. Poster whose picture you are most curious to see? (Person with the most votes must post their picture)
Notable Mention: TIE: Mac and Paul.

7. What poster comes to mind when thinking of a (or of) …

a) Turtle Don Bes

b) Lizard Zlatan

c) Chipmunk Fabiana

d) Blowfish (not enough votes for one single member)

e) Lion Shadowfax

f) Giraffe Fabiana

g) Duck (not enough votes for one single member)

h) Turd Iceblu

i) Metrosexual Gogeta Notable Mention: Padovano

j) Vomit Anna

k) Odd Don Bes Notable Mention: DJ Juve

l) Mental deficiency TIE: Fliakis-Lilliana

m) psychopath Josh

8. Biggest Miss/Emma Mac ass kisser/suck up: Gray
Notable Mention: Don Bes.

9. Who do moderators fear the most? Paul
Notable Mention: IncuboRossonero.

10. Chances Fabiana and Jessica are actually lovers? (percentage wise) OVER 60%

11. Two members you would most like to have dinner with?
Sergio & Padovano
Notable Mention: Mac.

12. Two members you would LEAST like to have dinner with?
Fliakis & Lilliana
Notable Mention: Fabiana.

13. Member you just “don’t get” half the time. Lilliana

14. Member who usually ‘speaks’ for everyone. Sergio
Notable Mention: Fliakis.

15. Member who usually has it all wrong but thinks they have it right. (whatever that means) Lilianna
Notable Mention: Majed.

16. Most likely to be next moderator. Graham

17. Most deserving of being next moderator. Graham
Classic line: who ever sucks up to Nina.

18. LEAST likely to be next moderator.
19. Who would you BAN if you were moderator?

20. Who does Erik really look like?
Dennis Berkamp or the 3rd De Boer Brother?
The 3rd De Boer Brother.
Other mentions: A Dutch Ass Crack; The long lost De Boer sister. Jaap Stam wearing a Toupe.

21. Member you would ‘bring’ home to your parents. Fabiana. Notable Mention: Nina.

22. Most annoying avatar. Majed

23. Most original avatar. Vicky

24. Most tacky member. Don Bes

25. Member who just “doesn’t get it”

26. Member who TRIES TOO HARD Incuborossonero

27. Thread you avoid at all costs. Language based.

28. What two members you would like to see in an argument.
Nick & Paul.
Notable Mention: Martin & Erik

29. What two members would you like to see in a real fist fight.
TIE: Incuborossonero and Iceblu. Emma and Fabiana.

30. What member would YOU like to be in a real fist fight with.
Notable Mention: Don Bes.

31. The poster who thinks their "too cool for school" (see Zoolander) Zlatan

32. Poster most likely to be a serial killer. Josh

33. Male member who is most likely gay.
TIE: Padovano – Hydde.

34. Odds that Mac nailed Emma Mac? (percentage wise) over 50%

35. Odds that Vilhelmas and Lilianna would hit it off in person? (percentage wise) Below 30%

36. Most like a married couple? Sergio and Padovano.

37. Most like a gay couple? Sergio and Padovano

38. Most like a lesbian couple? Jessica and Fabiana.

39. Probably a lesbian? Vicky
Notable Mention: Fabiana.

40. Member who probably wouldn’t “hurt a fly” Graham

41. Poster who is probably not like anything he/she is on Josh

42. Poster who is probably secretly a Milan fan? Martin.

43. Member with NO PIC who you suspect is the most attractive.
Notable Mention: Mac.

44. Member with no pic who you suspect “fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch” on the way down.
Don Bes

45. Male member who is still a virgin. Egypthian_Juventino

46. Female member who gives out the easiest. Lilianna

47. Member who could probably kick the shit out of everyone.
Notable Mention: NONE: Vinman by a landslide.

48. Member who would probably cry at the sight of a confrontation. Azzuri7

49. Member who needs to get laid. Incuborossonero.
Notable Mention: Don Bes.

50. Member who will never get laid. Don Bes. Notable Mention: Egypthian_Juventino.

51. Do you think Martin looks like....Guily, Jon Dahl Tomasson or Bill Gates?
i'm not here at that time, sorry to open an closed thread topic, i just wanna know what is 'clueless' ? and why it's me :confused:

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Mar 9, 2004
This is perhaps the funniest irony- someone who was nomitated clueless asks what clueless means



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Apr 22, 2003

Your avatar is class :thumb: You even added a border this time :geek:


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Jan 22, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by blackmint ] ++
    This is perhaps the funniest irony- someone who was nomitated clueless asks what clueless means

    ++ [ originally posted by gray ] ++
    I think you've just answered your own question here Srecka :D
    okay, thanks ppl :):p

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