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Mar 6, 2007

Primavera Squadra 2017-18 ('99 & '00)

GK) Alessandro Busti (2000)
GK) Leonardo Loria (1999)
GK) Filippo Maricchi (1999)

DC) Matteo Anzolin (2000)
DC) João Serrão (2000)
DC) Alessandro Vogliacco (1998)
DC) Gianmaria Zanandrea (1999)
DR) Riccardo Meneghini (2000)
DL) Afonso Freitas (2000)
DL) Alessandro Tripaldelli (1999)

DM) Biagio Morrone (2000)
MC) Fabrizio Caligara (2000)
MC) Riccardo Capellini (2000)
MC) Alessandro Di Pardo (1999)
MC) Simone Muratore (1998)
MC) Manolo Portanova (2000)
MC) Ousmane Thiam (2000)
MR) Cendrim Kamaraj (1999)
MR) Leonardo Merio (1999)
MR) Hans Nicolussi Caviglia (2000)
AM) Nicolò Fagioli (2001)
AM) Alessandro Lombardi (2000)
AM) Giuseppe Montaperto (2000)

RW) Ricardo Campos (2000)
RW) Gregorio Morachioli (2000)
LW) Marco Olivieri (1999)
LW) Gianluca Sbordone (2000)
FC) Giacomo Galvagno (2000)
FC) Sandro Kulenović (1999)
FC) Adama Sane (2000)

Coach: Alessandro Dal Canto

Under 17 Squadra 2017-18 ('01 & '02)

GK) Filippo Dadone (2001)
GK) Alessandro Siano (2001)

DC) Antony Angileri (2001)
DC) Gabriele Boloca (2001)
DC) Paolo Gozzi Iweru (2001)
DC) Alessandro Pio Riccio (2002)
DC) Luca Zanellato (2001)
DR) Hervé Favre (2000)
DR) Rafael Fonseca (2001)
DR) Matteo Pinelli (2001)
DR) Alessandro Vergnano (2001)
DL) Andrea Adamoli (2001)

DM) Giuseppe Leone (2001)
MC) Nicolò Francofonte (2001)
MC) Luciano Mazzone (2001)
MC) Nicolas Penner (2001)
MR) Luca De Panfilis (2001)
MR) Paolo Pinto (2001)
ML) Andrea Volpatto (2001)
AM) Frank Tongya (2002)

RW) Ammar Ramadan (2001)
FC) Ibrahima Diallo (2001)
FC) Elia Petrelli (2001)
FC) Carmine Sterrantino (2002)

Coach: Francesco Pedone

Overage players Muratore (returning from ligament injury), Coccolo and Vogliacco (between first team and Primavera) will stay until January and then probably be loaned out.


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May 29, 2005
Child dies in Juventus Soccer Academy
By Football Italia staff

A nine-year-old boy has died after goalposts fell on him during a Juventus Soccer Academy session in New York City.

According to the New York Daily News, Tommaso Cerase was taking part in the Juve programme in the High School in West 50th Street.

He was playing in goal and appeared to jump up to swing on the bar, in the style of Gigi Buffon, when the goalposts toppled over and landed on his face as he fell backwards.

Cerase also struck the back of his head on the wooden gym floor at Park West High School on Sunday morning.

“Sources said there were six adults in the gym at the time — three parents and three members of the Juventus Academy, which runs the soccer program.

“Neither they nor the 10 or so kids there for soccer practice saw the tragedy unfold. A source said the organization that obtained the permit to use the space supplied the equipment.”

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