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Mar 6, 2007
Yeah insane

Our scouting network seems to be very good btw. We’re signing players from everywhere

Or it’s just another day of Paratici playing FM
He's played once for Denmark U16 and kept a clean sheet away to Germany. I bet we had a scout at that game because I know that we strongly follow the Danish youth championships. We have signed several Danish kids in recent years and missed out on a few others (Jeppe Kjaer Jensen who went to Ajax is one from the last few months).
Jun 16, 2020
6 of our boys selected for Italy U19:

Portieri: Matteo Carnelos (Udinese), Leandro Pratelli (Empoli), Filippo Rinaldi (Parma);

Difensori: Tommaso Barbieri (Juventus), Nicolò Bertola (Spezia), Leonardo Bia (Cremonese), Alessandro Carosso (Pro Vercelli), Lorenzo Moretti (Inter), Gabriele Mulazzi (Juventus), Stefano Piccinini (Sassuolo), Alessandro Pio Riccio (Juventus), Riccardo Turicchia (Juventus), Mattia Viti (Empoli);

Centrocampisti: Michael Brentan (Sampdoria), Enrico Di Gesu’ (Milan), Matteo Ghisolfi (Cremonese), Tommaso Pantaleo Milanese (Roma), Nikola Sekulov (Juventus), Franco Daryl Tongya Heubang (Juventus), Simone Trimboli (Sampdoria), Filippo Tripi (Roma), Federico Zanchetta (Spal);

Attaccanti: Gabriele Artistico (Parma), Riccardo Ciervo (Roma), Stephane Henoc N’Gbesso (Milan), Mattia Pagliuca (Bologna), Auron Vranovci (Cittadella)

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