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Jan 31, 2003
overall its the teams defensive side. not only has cannavaro and zebina done a great job to strengthen our defence, but blasi and emerson are twice the players tacchinardi and appiah were last season.


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Nov 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by swag ] ++
Juve's power right now seems to rest on a few things:

1. The ex-Parma Triangle (Buffon, Canna, Thuram)
2. Capello (I think he's done a very good job of preparing the team to win close games)
3. An opportunistic Juve bench

I don't follow the control bit, though.
U 4got Emerson


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Aug 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Lilianna ] ++
our power?

difficult question.

our defence rulez.
we have the best goalkeeper in the world,
we have emerson who is THE MAN of our midfield
we have NEDVED who gives us this magic tone,
we have ALE that fans ADORE him and..he is our dear captain...
we have capello who is a winner anyway....

we have it all!
Well said:D

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