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Dec 16, 2003
Post of the month: October

- Alen Nominated by <Azzurri7>

Making his plan when he will become Juventus Owner :lol2:.

Since my last name ends with -ic i believe i'd make a great owner of Juventus.
Just imagine how much fun it will be. I'll make Dominic a manager, Mark will be the chief scout, Senor Canardo will take care of the finances, Burke will be bodyguarding player's wifes, Andy will be the guy waiting for the players in the dressing room after they fail to win, i'll sign Rab as a striker, i'll tell Dominic to play him in starting XI and to put Del Piero on the bench so DP will start hating on Rab.
Bes, Jack, Bozi and Swag will be the directors of the team.

Now all we need is to find a place for Seven :confused:

Edit: Hmmm, Vinman, we need to find a job for him also.

:lol2: Sounds good to me.

Seven will be the team prayer leader while Vinni will be in charge of stadium security. Turk will bomb other stadia.

If you want i can also make you our transfer guru but you'll still have to wait for the players after a bad result and have a "chat" with them.

On second thought, we'll be too nice with the players if we let you to have that chat with them.
I say NO MERCY for them and let Cronios have that chat !

Tahir will fly our plane, the girls will be our cheerleaders and Manos will be the cook

- Juve Revolution Nominated by <juve red>

So theoretically, this also applies to masturbation. Every ejaculation of sperm contains hundreds of millions of sperm cells, and only one sperm cell is enough to impregnate a woman. Wasting a sperm cell is wasting a potential human life. According to our good friend here, in the past two weeks, I killed 1 billion people.

Adolf who?

- Jack Nominated by <Azzurri7>

Is this Sparta? :confused2


- Burke Nominated by <Osman>

Juve Revolutions post ofcourse. But there is another honorary post who is way more laconic, but ack, also brilliant, and coincidently also relating to semen :D

Burke responding to this post:

Bürk&#949;;1762990 said:
That's a lot of semen.


Sep 23, 2003
Jack's is great. But Juve Rev did something a little extra to what is normally an old line going back to the days of Monty Python.

I gotta give the nod to him as my sentimental fave. :tup:

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