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Jan 24, 2003
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And the nominees are:

the Premiership has terrible referees
the Serie A has better referees(their mistakes r justified, theyr getting paid for em:eyebrows: )
So snoop, is inviting ex'es to a wedding a weird thing?

Chxta: too bad you don't live in Eastern Turkey or you could kill her for the honour of your family :howler:

Europeans my ass.
We all make mistakes. Canna is like a beautiful old girlfriend who left you and then wants you back. And allthough part of you wants to laugh at her face and say FCUK OF BITCH - a bigger part of you wanna hit that ass just one more time....
I keep telling you to check your pockets before you wash or ritually burn your clothes
It means "crazy" or something like that in Italian. I have no more idea than Gray why Eric used it.

You see Eric? This is what happens when you stop reminding us that your name ends with a k. :tongue:
With combination Pavel Nedved and the captain, Del Piero, Juventus can go for the glory...but, i am still confusing, even Zlatan Ibrahimovic leave Juve, Why not replace him with Marcelo Danubio Zalayeta?? in my opinion, Zalayeta can work together very well with Del Piero....??? !! But I really miss the 2 powerful strikers---> Ibrahimovic and Del Piero working together...
1st I fire Cobolli. (Next day he gets a job at Inter.)
2nd We start the work on a 50 000 seat stadium with no track.
3rd I send a Paparazzi take pictures of Moratti and G. Rossi having sexual intercourse and send it to la Gazzetta. (Obviously they don't post it).
4th I ask Tardelli, "what the f*ck to you do around here?" he answers boh!, next thing I say...You're Fired!!!
5th I buy Cannavaro, Emerson, Vieira, Ibrahimovic, Thuram and Zambrotta and send them on loan to Albinoleffe.
6th I buy Sissoko, Klose, Ribéry and Pablo.
7th We win the treble
8th I wake up
So if Inter is not Italian, but Agentinian, that must mean...

little geography, drawing a line......few calculations.....coreolis affect....

Hezbollah are then..... FROM ANGOLA!

Those bastards!

i tricked one more time and i made discuss with me by misspelling your name on purpose

abu 2-0 bruke
I nominate myself for this post on 27 February. Enjoy! :pint:
i remember fondly the day she took me in and asked me to help her make cookies, while we waited for the mixture to settle she asked me how ever she could thank me, needless to say i told her to make a man of me, she took me by the hand and led me upstairs, made me eat her out and take her up the pooper. afterwards she rolled over and asked how that was,i replied "thanks jems mum but i was only expecting a beer and a packet of nuts!"

i like us and ussr they are friend countries and we will be their friends

and the doctor told me i am not gay ao you dont know more than the doctor

and this is a Touchdown and it is worth 6 points in america football.

abu 8- 3 bruke


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Oct 18, 2005
sweet, i was thinking of getting a new pink polo shirt, then i remembered i was not that way inclined
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