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Dec 16, 2003
A bit late for this month but what the hell.

Juvetuz exclusives-

Jack-runs like girl!

King Ale-is really Alens wife in disguise,she is sharpening her Lorraine Bobbit knife as we speak

Andries-is really a Jew

Red-doesn't really molest sheep,he loves them tenderly

Mark-doesn't get exclusives,he makes it all up and deletes the threads that are proved wrong....then he comes to your house and erases your memory


vanilla pudding
Aug 21, 2006
Gotta be you, Rab. :D

I don't think any other man in this world is capable or even aware of Cambiasso's special talent. Him and his hair can run in a different direction, his hair can cover the right side for example himself can cover the middle and then exchange roles... and then meet later to intersection or home after match/training. Cambiasso's hair is a living soul, it plays football too.


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Dec 14, 2009
Practically the whole Juventus board is planted by Inter; it's been a long time planning to frame Juventus and keep them down cause that's the way Inter can only win scudetto's. How does all the other big clubs get punished and not Inter hmmmmm. WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE BOARD!!!!

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