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Jan 24, 2003
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no i want you to act with dignity and grace, juve will return to the top and inter will return to the standing joke of italian football, then the last laugh will eb with us. if we all resort to name calling,flag burning,bitter, contempted conpiracy theorists then we are no betetr than they are

i want you to take that rubbish out of your signature, stop teh binter crap and rise above them, we are juve fans
I love Juve a lot, and was very mad about demotion, I wear a Juve shirt very often, I get insults too, but I dont talk about Inter 24/7, I dont have a sig or a custom name dedicated to them, I don't burn their shirts, I dont have an 'official fuck u Inter' day, because I'm too busy being concentrated in the team I love.

Too bad you're not a man of your word.
f*ck u javier zanetti just bare 1 thing in mind

juve is like jesus - we are immortal and we paid for everyones sins!
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Jul 30, 2006

bozi arif and swag


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Jan 7, 2009
much sheepness, buy one blow-up betty,get blow up sheep free

this madness cannot go on for long

hurry up and go to bozihatesspammers.chi NOW!!!!


Sep 23, 2003
Closing, as I don't want to visualize a proctologist's handbag displays in this thread any further.
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