Pope's preacher compares abuse row to anti-Semitism (1 Viewer)


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Jul 15, 2002
First, because there is state collusion with the abusers in both Ireland and Malta.
What's a curia?
The internal investigation was covered in a shorud of secrecy because the church is a naturally secret cabal of wealthy,greedy and disingenuous fucktards.
In Malta and Ireland, it would appear so

That's the benifits of buying off your victims - silence.
oh, all this is very obvious to me.

I just wondered how come that more people are not asking the same questions and screaming for a radical change

Don't trust anybody that claims to hold your salvation in their hands.
If there should be a mantra that should be repeated over and over again, this is it.

Unfortunately, capability of our brain to create and maintain many in a state of cognitive dissonance will never cease to amaze me...

btw, curia is internal "police" of a catholic church.

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