Poll: the most worthless band ever (1 Viewer)

What is the most worthless band ever?

  • Beastie Boys

  • Simple Plan

  • Good Charlotte

  • Blind Melon

  • Vanilla Ice

  • Offspring

  • The Darkness

  • Girls Aloud

  • Creed

  • The Police

  • Coldplay

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Oct 16, 2002
if i were to vote for any "worthless" bands/ artistes, then i would vote for those which absolutely didn't make any sort of musical impact... ie. artistes that if they had never existed, NO ONE would have noticed.... Vanilla Ice, even though he was crap, and kinda embarrassing, but atleast he did pave way for hip hop for "white america", more so than even the Beastie Boys ever did... In the list, Girls Aloud is what i would call a "worthless" musical entity... They did not add anything new to the pop scene, not even in the "girl-power" thingy.... after the Spice Girls, no one really cared...

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