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Jan 19, 2017
Sashazulu? I think I've seen that scientific movie.
Nothing to do with a movie. Sasha was my cat ,who all ways went on a walk with me and my 2 German Shepherds. He really though he was a GS
and was fearsome from there Zulu. I lived with the Zulus for a month in South Africa and were considered a fearsome tribe.


Jul 27, 2015
Lirola rumours all over... :lol:

Juventus have reportedly rejected a bid in the region of €10m from Newcastle United for Sassuolo loanee Pol Lirola.

According to Calciomercato.com, Newcastle offered to cut Lirola’s loan short, but both Juve and Sassuolo agreed to knock back the proposal.

Consequently, the former Barcelona youngster is expected to see out the remainder of his two-year loan at Mapei Stadium, which expires this summer.

By Football-Italia.


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May 29, 2005
Sassuolo to sign Juventus pair | Football Italia

Juventus and Sassuolo held a meeting today, with the Neroverdi reportedly signing both Pol Lirola and Alessandro Tripaldelli outright.

It’s been a busy day for Sassuolo, as they’re in talks with Inter for Andrea Pinamonti and have rejected a bid from Napoli for Matteo Politano.

Now general manager Giovanni Carnevali has held a meeting with his Bianconero opposite number, Beppe Marotta.

According to Sky Italia, the clubs have agreed that the Neroverdi will sign Lirola outright, with the Spaniard currently on loan at the Mapei Stadium.

In addition, Juve youth player Alessandro Tripaldelli will join the Emilian side outright at the end of the season.

It’s likely that the Bianconeri will insert buyback clauses into both deals.


Mar 6, 2003
So he was not worth it in the end?

Not that this guy was. World beater, but i hope we have better plans than to use licht for the next 4 years in serie A


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Dec 19, 2003
He does. Can’t be mad if Pol wasn’t good enough.

Gotta be careful, I don’t talk enough about Juventus related things. People here are counting now...:touched:
we really needed that 7m. Now if he breaks out we'll have to pay more than double. Great piece of business. :baus:


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May 29, 2005
we really needed that 7m. Now if he breaks out we'll have to pay more than double. Great piece of business. :baus:
“If”. Seems like our majority of the time reliable talent analysts don’t think he can cut it here. 7m and run to the bank...

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