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Sep 3, 2010
Did anyone see him against the big boys today?

I heard he played as a defender.

Anyways, kid was brought in this summer, is supposed be the new Pique :D
May 22, 2007
New Piqué, haha. Will probably drive up a lot of hype because of the club he was bought from, which will die out when he doesn't deliver much for the first team.


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Jan 26, 2011
I'll be really surprised if he ever plays for us. If he is the new Pique why would he sign for us, when other teams are surely looking to sign him (every big club is scouting La Masia) and we know that Marotta thinks it is unethical to offer big wages to youngsters.


Mar 6, 2007
He's only 16, seems to have considerable potential. I didn't watch the game but believe he played DC in the first half and DL in the second. It's actually ridiculous how much talent they are producing in Barcelona at the moment, next Thiago and there are another 4-5 kids at U18 age now who look like first team potential even for their side.

Interestingly I was reading an article on TMW where they spoke about Juve having their own 'cantera', mentioning guys like Camilleri, Giannetti and Büchel, even though they were loanees and have been sent back to their clubs. And also no-hopers like Bianco who are continuously loaned and destined to leave.

We have managed to help bring through players like Giovinco, Marchisio, De Ceglie, Criscito, Cassani, Mirante, Gastaldello, Konko, Palladino, Lanzafame, Ariaudo with mixed success in terms of ability and how they were handled. We have another batch of Pasquato, Giandonato, Marrone, Sørensen with some regular first team games under their belts, then all those on loan trying to make a name, then several highly rated hopefuls in the current Primavera who have been plucked from all corners home and abroad. But we simply have to have more faith in them and integrate them better in our team. Of course it's easier for Barcelona to do this as they are in a continual winning cycle, but it's also harder for their youth to win a regular place, which is why some leave. What they do in Barcelona is the only thing I admire about that club, Juventus also have to find our own system and way of playing which transcends down to youth teams from an early age. It seems that with every chop and change at the top of the club, every new set of youth coaches, we start again with different ideas. Last year the Primavera rarely played the same formation as the first team, for example. Pessotto seems to be doing a good job in his role but we need something more uniform throughout the club.

Hmmm, I waffled on a bit there.


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Aug 29, 2010
I would like to point out some things about "barcelona academy"

most people think they make new start from ordinary talents.

this is not true, they actually buy craptons of young teenage players all over the world, and have them well accomodated. its only natural you get good players out of this.

nothing special here, ajax did the same thing before them

big diffrence is, that barcelona can actually keep their youngsters

also, the 99% that fail are sold quite easely because they have the "barcelona yought product" tag

its a good systhem, but people shouldnt act like they invented the hot water


Mar 6, 2007
Juventus do this too, you may or may not notice that we buy a number of young Italians aged 12-17 from all around Italy each summer, and we have started to bring young foreigners in too. In fact most clubs do this, although less so in England because they are restricted in terms of the catchment area in which they can recruit from. So they buy abroad, see exodus of Italians to Man Utd as an example, or French to Arsenal. At some point those players are classed as coming through the youth system of a club. Barcelona do what everyone else does, and are the best at it right now. Most of their products are Spanish or have been there since early teens.

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