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Feb 18, 2001
The annual Film Festival is coming to my town and there's a LONG list of films. Because of that and because I don't have time to see them all I'll have to shorten the list. If you have seen any of the films or heard something about them don't be shy to tell :D

Everyday God Kisses Us on the Mouth / In fiecare zi dumnezeu ne saruta pe gura, Siniša Dragan, Romania, 2002

Sisters / Sestry, Sergej Bodrov, jr., Russia, 2001

Blind Spot / Slepa pega, Hanna A. W. Slak, Slovenia, 2001

Wild Bees / Divoké včely, Bohdan Slama, Czech, 2001

This Is Not a Love Song / This Is Not a Love Song, Bille Eltringham, GB, 2002

Hush! / Hush!, Ryosuke Hashiguchi, Japan, 2001

Seafood / Hai Xian, Wen Zhu, China/Hongkong, 2001

Inch'Allah Sunday / Inch'Allah dimanche, Yamina Benguigui, Algeria/France, 2001

Saturday / Sábado, Juan Villegas, Argentina, 2001

City of God / Ciudade de Deus, Fernando Meirelles, Brazil, 2002

Do Fish Do It? / Fickende Fische, Almut Getto, Germany, 2001

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner / Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner, Zacharias Kunuk, Canada, 2001

Light of My Eyes / Luce dei miei occhi, Giuseppe Piccioni, Italy, 2002

My Russia / Mein Russland, Barbara Gräftner, Austria, 2002

The Spanish Woman / La spagnola, Steve Jacobs, Australia, 2001

The Days / Les jours ou Je n'existe pas (aura été), Jean-Charles Fitoussi, France, 2002

Smokers Only / Vagón fumador, Verónica Chen, Argentina, 2001

My Big Fat Greek Wedding / My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Joel Zwick, USA, 2002

Be My Star / Mein Stern, Valeska Grisebach, Austria/Germany, 2001

L'afrance / L'afrance, Alain Gomis, France/Senegal, 2001

Wimbledon Stage / La Stade de Wimbledon, Mathieu Almaric, France, 2001

The Cage / La cage, Alain Raoust, France, 2001

Freedom / La libertad, Lisandro Alonso, Argentina, 2001

A Moment of Happiness / Un moment de bonheur, Antoine Santana, France, 2001

Ghost World / Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff, GB/USA/Germany, 2001

8 Women / 8 Femmes, François Ozon, France, 2002

Monday Morning / Lundi matin, Otar Iosseliani, France/Italy, 2001

The Son / Le fils, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Belgium/France, 2002

Amen. / Amen., Costa-Gavras, France/Germany/Romania, 2001

The Pianist / The Pianist, Roman Polanski, France/Israel/Netherlands/Polan/GB, 2002

Man Without a Past / Mies vailla menneisyyttä, Aki Kaurismäki, Finland/Germany/France, 2002

Talk to Her / Hable con ella, Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 2002

Millennium Mambo / Qianxi manbo, Hou Hsiao-hsien, France/Taiwan, 2001

Human Nature / Human Nature, Michel Gondry, France/USA, 2001

All or Nothing / All or Nothing, Mike Leigh, GB/France, 2002

24 Hours Party People / 24 Hours Party People, Michael Winterbottom, GB/France/Netherlands, 2002

Sweet Sixteen / Sweet Sixteen, Ken Loach, GB/Germany/Spain, 2002

The Experiment / Das Experiment, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Germany, 2001

Intacto / Intacto, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Spain, 2001

Pollock / Pollock, Ed Harris, USA, 2000

Travelling Birds / Travelling Birds, Jacques Perrin, France, 2001

Dolls / Dolls, Takeši Kitano, Japan, 2002

The Cuckoo / Kukuška, Aleksander Rogožkin, Russia, 2002

Grill Point / Halbe Treppe, Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2002

Nowhere in Africa / Nirgendwo in Afrika, Caroline Link, Germany, 2002

Kedma / Kedma, Amos Gitai, France/Israel/Italy, 2002

Unknown Pleasures / Ren xiao yao, Jia Zhang-ke, China/Japan/Korea/France, 2002

Walking on Water / Walking on Water, Tony Ayres, Australia, 2002

Taking Sides / Taking Sides, István Szabó, Austria/France/Germany/GB, 2001

Hi, Tereska / Czesc Tereska, Robert Glinski, Poland, 2001

Bemani / Bemani, Dariush Mehrjui, Iran, 2002

Angela / Angela, Roberta Torre, Italy, 2002

Kandahar / Safar e Ghandehar, Mohsen Mikhmalbaf, Iran/France, 2001

Okay / Okay, Jesper W. Nielsen, Denmark, 2002

The Magdalene Sisters / The Magdalene Sisters, Peter Mullan, GB/Ireland, 2002

The Three Marias / As Tres Marias, Aluisio Abranches, Brazil, 2002

Son of the Bride / El Hijo de la novia, Juan José Campanella, Spain/Argentina, 2002

Lantana / Lantana, Ray Lawrence, Australia/Germany, 2001

No Regrets / Nichts bereuen, Benjamin Quabeck, Germany, 2001

Seagull's Laughter / Mavahlatur, Agust Guomundsson, Iceland, 2001

Iris / Iris, Richard Eyre, GB/USA, 2001

Gas Attack / Gas Attack, Kenny Glenaan, GB, 2001

Bloody Sunday / Bloody Sunday, Paul Greengrass, GB/Ireland, 2002

Sexy Best / Sexy Best, Jonathan Glazer, GB/Spain, 2000

Late Night Shopping / Late Night Shopping, Saul Metzstein, GB, 2001

Some Voices / Some Voices, Simon Cellan Jones, GB, 2001

Croupier / Croupier, Mike Hodges, GB/France/Germany/Ireland, 1998

Lucky Break / Lucky Break, Peter Cattaneo, GB/Germany, 2001

Charlotte Grey / Charlotte Grey, Gillian Armstrong, GB/Germany/Austria, 2001

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Jul 25, 2001
:mute: I only know very few movies....

8 Femmes by François Ozon is an excellent movie if the critics are right - I haven't seen it yet.

The Pianist has received quite a lot of attention here in the press since it's partly Dutch but opinions are divided so it's risky that one! Most reviews were positive though...

Sestry by Sergej Bodrov is a fairly good movie.

Late Night Shopping by Saul Metzstein sucks!

Hope I helped you out a bit there :)


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Jul 14, 2002
What a long list :D

From that list I've seen few only, but let's try:

1. Bloody Sunday / Bloody Sunday, Paul Greengrass, GB/Ireland, 2002

This one "obligatorily". Very good, one of those movies what leave sth in me. Made like documentary.

2. The Pianist / The Pianist, Roman Polanski, France/Israel/Netherlands/Polan/GB, 2002

Good movie and Cannes's winner this year.

3. Hi, Tereska / Czesc Tereska, Robert Glinski, Poland, 2001

FRom Poland ;) but that movie won may awards and festivals. Very good IMO

4. 5. 6.

8 Women / 8 Femmes, François Ozon, France, 2002

I heard that worth to see

All or Nothing / All or Nothing, Mike Leigh, GB/France, 2002

cause of Mike Liegh, I always lke his movies ;)

Talk to Her / Hable con ella, Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 2002

cause of Almodovar ;)

I've seen 3 first, I know 3 last will be good
Or maybe I hope they will be good as always


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Feb 18, 2001
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    Thanks guys! The festival will start on 11th November so I have time to chose and to see if you'll recommend some more :)


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    Jul 17, 2002
    If I were you I'd go see the movie by Takeshi Kitano, I haven't seen this one but his movies are usually very good, IMO of course.

    I agree with vit that you should see Bloody sunday, I haven't seen it my self ( a clear tendency here....:D) but from what I've heard it's great.
    Man without a past has gotten great reviews here.

    My big fat greek wedding has gotten a lot of attention, and you'll probably be amused by it, the parts I've seen of it are quite funny, but I can (sort of relate to it, though).

    You have too see Human Nature!!! It's brilliant, go see. I'll be very disappointed if you don't see this one....

    Movies I don't think you should see:

    Pollock, oh spare yourself the pain of this

    Kandahar, the first movie to come out of Afghanistan for quite some time, and it shows. not very good.


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    Jul 14, 2002
    This Is Not a Love Song - Really enjoyed this!! Let down slightly by the director trying to showcase his talents.... often at the expense of the project in hand

    Fickende Fische - Well done chick flick!

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Reasonably funny but a bit too comercial to see at a festival

    8 Femmes - A farcical take on murder mysteries. Not bad. Wondeful performance from Isabelle Huppert. Shame about the music. Doubt it travels well!

    The Pianist - Polanski returns to form!!

    Hable con ella - Dissapointing by Almodovar's standards!

    Human Nature - Dissapontingly unfunny look at society

    24 Hours Party People - A great look at the manchester music scene.... may not travel well outside the uk!

    Pollock - Good Film, great acting.... amazingly Boring!!

    Iris - Dull but fine acting!

    Bloody Sunday - Highly absorbing docu style film.... factually iffy!!

    Sexy Best / Croupier - 2 of the best films you will see this year!!

    Intacto - A great film about luck.... go see it!!


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    Feb 18, 2001
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    Well I would rather not comment too much about the content of the movie as I think I would offend a certain nation. DISGRACE! :frown:

    At first, for about 10 minutes, I didn't like how the movie was shot, because it appeared like a documentary (it still is in a certain way), with camera following people, moving, not being steady ... but then I got used to it and it even made a special effect on the whole story :cool:

    Short movie! (Especially after you were sitting for more than 2 hours watching The Pianist the previous day :D )


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    Feb 18, 2001
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    Yes I like the movie, I just wish that all the things that happened wouldn't be real :down:


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    Feb 18, 2001
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    Almodóvar's Habla Con Ella is the best European movie this year :extatic: It was announced today; it also got an award for best scenario, best directing and the people's choice award :cheesy:

    It's gonna come out here on Thursday, can't wait :touched:

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