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Alex 2002

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Sep 22, 2002
I have been looking for a long time video tapes and CDs with Alex and Juve goals in Germany (Bonn) for almost a year. Nothing. Here is not so many Juve fans unfortunately.

Could anyone help me to find them?
Maybe there are ftps to download such video?
I am not doing it for commercial purpose.

Please leave me a note in PM.

Thanks in advance!


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Sep 21, 2002
untill now Nekton provided us with his fantastic videos.
here is the page of last season goals:
(but you can't download the goals now)

you can download the goals from here: (but you can't download untill the 15th)

and btw in the polish site, you can download 100 goals of del piero. every day a new one is uploaded. right now there are five

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