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Jul 13, 2002
After last night defeat i think it's time to look forward. Well going through the whole season and watching almost every Juventus match. I conclude that there are some players that don't deserve to wear the Juventus jersey anymore and better cash in on them and buy much better players.

Here is my list :-

1- Paolo montero : I haven't been a fan of his and i never liked him at all but I can't deny that he was once good but those days are gone now as he has grown old and i won't forget the penalty he missed the worst taken penalty ever.

2- Iuliano : This guy is not good at all i wonder why he is still in juve and why did we buy him.he is always shaky and defenitly can't make a tackle.absolute waste of money and position.

3-Fresi : Seen a few of him i wonder why did we buy him if we will not give him the chance to play or prove himself.His only goal in the first match of the season was impressive so i predicted alot from him but this never happened.

4-Conte : This guy was always good as i can still remember his matches against milan and inter 2 seasons ago when zidane was here.but he is too Old now and he can't give anymore so it's better for him to retire and become a coach.and if not he would better move on to any other club to further his career.

5-Zenoni : Well he has pace but defenitly can't utilize it no defensive skills, can't attack , can't cross, can't pass, can't shoot, and many many more we were fouled by milan to take him as a part of the Inzaghi deal.absolute waste.

6-Camoranesi : He impressed me alot at the begining of the season and his goal against Feyenoord increased it.then he Joined the Italian NT (which i Think Crap regrets it now) at this point I thought we were on the verge of developing a world class player.but all of this quickly fade out.He simply can't stand pressure and can't perform in big matches and his small body is a big disavantage when it comes to defending which he can't do at all.sometimes he is very predictable, hesitant and slow.I can't remeber a good matche he played since the winter break.I know some of you will argue me about this but i think it's better for him and the club let him go back to Verona where he belongs,The money we will bay for the other half of his contract would better be paid to bring in someone like Deco or Jaquin who are much better than him.

7-Di Vaio : He was very good with parma last season. I don't know what happened to him this season. He seems to have lost his magic.Many of you and I think that he should have at least another season with Juventus to prove himself.But i would prefer to send him back to parma and get Mutu.who i think is a better player than Di Vaio and younger too.

8-Zalayeta : No one can deny that this guy has potential to be a great striker but he won't become so by sitting on the bench and playing as a fifth striker.I am against the idea of selling him, I guess it's better for him and Juventus to loan him out to other lower Serie A side preferably Cheivo so that we can get Legrotagllie.Then Bring him back after one or two seasons by then he will be a better striker and propably one of the best out there.

9-Trezeguet : The biggest disappointment of the season When i saw his goals last season i thought we had the best perfect striker in the world but all of this ended when he was injured in pre season.He seemed that he will never get his skills back.His match with milan was the worst i have ever seen.He is slow can't pass can't hold the ball and he can't even dive like most strikers.although all his goals last season was free headers, he didn't manage to score any this season.I think it's time to say goodbye to the mighty Trezegoal who will never come back and cash in on him.and from the money we get buy another striker.I am wondering guys why didn't you guys think of Dp+Mutu partnership upfront i guess it will be perfect ( and yes I know both are support strikers but i doesn't matter ) This duo supported by nedved then we will be unstoppable.

Here this my formation for the next season :

==========Mutu==========Del Piero=====

I guess this team is well palanced in Defense and in attack and has the needed creativity to crush any team in the world and become 03/04 Champions league champions.:star::strong:

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Jul 28, 2002
a bit harsh there mate.....conte played well when he came on, nearly scored....

the man im most disapointed with and actually quite angry wiv is my favourite player, who completely let the team down, and as captian should havetried to pull the team thru, but i saw no real sign of leadership......Del Piero really let us down, didnt realy do anything apart from the single shot, and considerin his known ability, why cant he hold the ball???why cudnt he create??he looked like he cudnt really be botherdand/or he feared he was not gud enough..nop power when he was running, no real detemination, and as we all kno trez relies on dpo to create, especially as there was no nedved......this is hard for me to say as dp is my idol, my favourite player of all time, yet he let me n juve down.

sory maybe its jus the post match anger, but DP #, as the teams talisman, let us down, maybe buffon or nedy should wear the armband if the captaincy goes to the most inspirational player, cos dp gave juve no inspiration in the final.


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Jul 13, 2002
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    Well M8 You are a bit off-topic unless you want Del Piero to be out of Juventus Next season which will not happen.Concerning milan match I think he did his work well. what do you expect of player playing almost all the time out of position.and being the only one trying to create can anyone tell me any others that did try to create anything it was as if del piero was the only player attacking and all the rest of the team just sitting in the penalty box and defending.and don't forget that he was marked all the time by Nesta who is the best in the business.Overall Delpieros' Performance improves when the whole team is playing well and when there is someone trying to help him create.Like in real madrid match he was awesome because the whole team was Good.We Bitterly Missed Nedved Yesterday.


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    Jul 13, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Square ] ++
    LOL, some juventus fans just go toooooo far with it...
    What is so Funny about this and it does not have anything to do with yesterday Milan match.It is all about the whole season. and this my opinion on some players whom i think don't deserve to play for Juventus anymore.If you have any thoughts just post it other wise go to..................


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    Oct 30, 2001
    don't know about your list but I'd love to see Trez get the boot. Conte should go too with Fresi.


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    Jul 28, 2002
    yeah ok JuVE maybe i was a little harsh, but still u gota expect a litle more from the captain???i didnt see him try inspire his men!!, as a captain u should be able to lift the team even when thigns are jus sayin he shoudl given sumthing more...but as failed to notice:groan:that this thread was for the whole season so im srry bout dat.....

    salas.....never had the full chance, got miccoli cumin so we dont need him

    Zala(loan)he cant score consistantly, he is exaclty like heskey, so until he learns to score consistantly, he isnt really an effective striker, but i like him and i think he has great potential.

    Baicco..what was the point in the first place??

    other wise i kinda believe this team is great as it is, jus requires a lb, and a creative that can work wiv neddy!!!

    if only zenoni was left footed!!


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    May 24, 2003
    Dear Moggi,

    Please! Get rid of Zalayeta!!

    People keep saying he has potnetial, but that has got into his head and made him selfish!

    How many times have you seen him hogging the ball when he should have pass?

    Scoring that Barca goal, and a good shot against Chieo DOES NOT WARRANT HIM TO STAY.

    I actually feel sorry for Fresi and Salas, cos they never had the chance to show what they can do.

    But unload them, please. another season like this they will probably mess our dressing room up.

    Now, some people say they want Montero out, but please don't!

    He may not be spectacular, but do you realise everytime we play without him the best defense in Italy become shaky?

    He is the foundation of our back four!!


    As for Di Vaio, I've said before we should use him to get Mutu.

    Iuliano? Any of you remember how well he played under Ancelotti?

    Not playing regularly seems to have affected his confidence big time.

    I'd say give him another chance, after all he would be an ideal squad player and he had so far never made a big fuss about not playing.


    The same would go for Ferrara and Conte. True, they may have past the peak, (Although Ciro appeared not!), but they would stablise the dressing room.

    If you really want to kick someone out, Zenoni and Moratti (as well as some players we had loaned out) would be good choices.

    After all, they're not good enough to be true champions.

    I really don't know about Camoranesi. He appeared out of steam in recent weeks, but he was consistant before that.

    Shall we give him a chance? It would harm our reputation if we kick him out now.

    We're not Inter! So please don't think in fantasy football ways.

    As for Trezeguet, while I never liked him, it would be hard to replace him with a better player because there aren't many around.

    Even Mutu would not do that much better than Trezgol.

    So I guess we may have to stick with him for a while.

    Many thanks for listening to my views.

    Forza Juve!



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    Mar 6, 2003
    yeah, 9 players its too, too much, and most of them are debatable.

    Ok this are mine, the players that ill tell are not because they are crappy, its because they dont give to juve what juve needs. Most useless.

    Not in order:

    -Firts The "Go please go":

    Iuliano: he is an average, sometimes doing bad presentations, i think that we can have a younger and better defender.

    Zenoni: He dont have good control, innacurated passes, and twist all the plays that start from him. He is my first choice.

    Zalayeta: im not so sure about this one, maybe he can be loaned.

    Camoranesi: Some moths ago, were people saying that we must think to sell camo, i was the opposite, because i thought that he still have things to offer , and he was in a bad time(comparing to the first phase of the season). Now im very sure that those marvelous camo games were a combination of inspiration+lucky. To make things worse the one that camo was beating (zambrotta) now is becoming a monster in both sides of the field, leaving camo hopeless.He have lost his will to play, or at least his hunger to win, worriying more in his bugs. With zambrotta in front of him, he have nothing to offer.

    -Now the "uhmmm lets talk about that":

    Divaio: Surely he is good. At the start of the season divaio socred almost in all his presentatins, but after the blow in the newcastles games,, he have not been the same (of course im just taking that blow as a reference point, that is not the reason).
    I think that he needs another season to prove what he have.

    Trezeguet: Sadly our trezegol ahve some problems when the tmes come to create for the team, because that is not his role, an he is a very limited player in that aspect. But i htink that the innovation of a creative midfielder can solve his problems.

    Now the "they deserve to stay":

    - Ciro ferrara: this is out of question. One of juve better defenders this season, he deserve to be in the team with no doubt.

    -Conte: well, not the better midfielder, but he is old now. When he enter the pitch, he tried hard to do all what he can. he will never be that player that juve needs, but as a sub is ok. I thing he must retire with juve next year.


    Minimiliano Tristelli
    Mar 6, 2003
    ah!!! i forgot salas of course!!

    - "go please go":

    Salas: A very god player, bu those injueries affected him and the most important thing, his self -esteem. The worst is that lippi dont trust in salas, and he needs a lot of games has starter to reach fit. This will vener happen, so is better for him as a professional and for juve to be sold.


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    Jul 17, 2002
    Montero (unless he wants to end his juve career as a sub that's fine with me)

    Deco and/or Maresca

    That's 2 recalls and 3 big buys. That's not too demanding for a team like juve.

    This Makes Juve's team like this:

    -----------------Trezeguet-----Del Piero--------------------

    Di Vaio

    I believe Trez was the worst player in the final, but he has scored so many goals for juve and i think this lineup will suit him well.


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    Jul 15, 2002
    Lippi never makes "radical" changes to the team...

    Two, three (first team) players thats what will happen.

    You need to work on the bench. PROPER replacements for Nedved, Davids, Trez and you definitevly need younger defender:D


    Mar 30, 2003
    ONLY MESSING!!!!!!!

    we ashould get rid of:


    How can u say Conte should go!
    he is a juve player true and true
    did u see is determination last night and how badly he wanted juve to win he has been a sub this year and never has complained, hes done so much for this club and to say he should go is just discusting!

    the same goes for montero, juve are famous for spirit and heart montero has definatly all of dem more dan the milan team put together (except for gattusso he is an animal!).Its players like these juve need more of not a piss head cocky **** like zalayeta!

    "I was born a juve defender and i will die a juve defender"...... Montero.

    The same for Ferrara and delpiero.

    Hail these Juve players who could have left to better teams when Juve were not at there best ........ these are the players who make juve who they are!!!!!!.


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    Jul 13, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Square ] ++

    its funny because you want to get rid of 9 players and your scheme is so far fetched.
    well that doesn't make it funny as most of these Nine players are reserve and bench players that can't be compared to the first starting ones.Iuliano+Fresi+zenoni aren't good enough to be at juve and i guess no one whould buy them if asked to.Montero+Salas are going to be sold anyway wether you like it or not.then i am not asking to sell zalayeta just loan him.Conte is just too old to play anymore better for him to start his coaching i think he will have no chance to play with the likes of Zambro, Tacchinardi, davids and the new comers around.Di vaio can be exchanged for Mutu.(Mutu is better than Di vaio can anyone debate this).then trezeguet well he is debatable but if we can sell for a large number of money then why not and buy a better player like Kezman or adriano for example.


    Iuliano+Zenoni+fresi = They never play and they are reserves and if they are sold this won't affect the you want any of them to stay.

    Conte+Montero = Old and likely to sit on the bench the next season.Montero may not like it while Conte may end up like salas and don't make it to the bench.

    Di vaio + Camoranesi = are not ours both are on loan or own half contract so will have to spend huge sum of money to get them around 14 million $ for both why don't we use this sum to get better players like Deco or jaoquin or mutu.

    Salas = will leave anyway you like or not.

    Zalayeta = many don't want him anymore so better LOAN him out to get Legrotaglie.

    Trezeguet = If we get a huge offer for him better let him go and buy a better striker from the cash we recieve.

    so we will actually sell 5 players who are reserves in our team.

    Question for you all which of these players do you think will affect the team when sold ?? and which of them do you want him to stay

    hey square keep away from this thread unless you have something usefull to say and you should respect others opinions.


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    Jul 13, 2002
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    Conte will never be the player Juve needs bext season and because i like this player very much i said what i said about him cause his chances to play regularly are almost 10% with other better players around.and i think he may not make it to the bench.
    while the loyal Montero may not like to sit on the bench for the whole season.

    juve lord

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    May 12, 2003
    U know guys...
    i realized something.....
    in the deffence we have great subs.. & in the attack to.. & in the middle...
    but what about NEDVED... where is the substitution there...
    Lippi tried camo in the Final....
    Lippi is a genious... but its not a suitable time to try a player in a sensitive place like ( play making ) so... the most important thing that we need now is to search for a good sub for NEDVED incase we need him.....
    in the other things... i think Di Vaio still a great attacker... but he didn't take the chance & we remember what did he do against Perugia.....
    thats it... we'll wait the MARCATTO to open & see our JUVE what will do.....

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