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Jun 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Juve89 ] ++

So its the fans who votes,and they voted more on Alessandro than camo so he get the award.
So those of u who is so misspleased,get a special fan card and vote on camo
Yeah, you're right :)


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Jul 14, 2002
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    We shouldn't take these awards too seriously, but Del Piero has played well recently. However, Camoranesi was better and maybe Zlatan too.


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    Oct 1, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by Desmond ] ++
    he may not deserve it more than some of his teammates but he's certainly played well.
    Even though I think Camo deserved this award > Alex, but I will still congradulate him on this. Del Piero has certainly worked hard to score for us. We Juve fans should be united n support every game, and not bickering among ourselves as to who should win the award and who should not.


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    Jul 21, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by kaizer ] ++
    hmm....interesting. he spent half of the month ijured, and he's player of the month? gotta be kidding right.... :groan:
    i know aY? what the hell are they talking about hahaha


    Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
    Oct 27, 2004
    go DP!!How do i get the juve fancard!?!? I really want it. I dont know Italian, so im pretty much screwed right?


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    Jun 24, 2003

    Del Piero Player of The Month

    “E’ un buon momento, sia a livello personale che di squadra. Naturalmente si può sempre migliorare, ma comunque sono soddisfatto di come sto giocando e della condizione atletica. Ho avuto qualche leggero infortunio, ma niente di paragonabile allo scorso anno, quindi per ora va bene così. “. Alessandro Del Piero è stato premiato come Player of the Month presso lo Juventus Store di Via Garibaldi a Torino, dove ad attenderlo c’era una folla entusiasta e sempre più innamorata del capitano. >
    “So bene che intorno a me ci sono sempre grandi aspettative – ha proseguito Alex – ma lo considero positivo, significa che sia i tifosi che i giornalisti hanno una buona considerazione del sottoscritto. Ripeto, sono soddisfatto di come stanno andando le cose, sto segnando e l’intesa con Ibrahimovic e Zalayeta è perfetta. Il ritorno di Trezeguet? Per noi sarà importantissimo, avremo un’arma in più.”.
    L’attesissima sfida con il Milan è già nell’aria, ma il capitano riporta l’attenzione sulla gara di domenica contro il Bologna: “Capisco che la partita con il Milan stimoli la fantasia, ma prima c’è da affrontare il Bologna e sarà importantissimo vincere, per arrivare alla sfida con i rossoneri nelle migliori condizioni possibili, mentali e di classifica. Per lo scudetto sarà una lotta a due? Non so, i numeri direbbero questo. L’Inter però ha vinto bene l’ultima partita, potrebbe essersi sbloccata e infilare una serie positiva che la riporterebbe sotto. Egoisticamente mi auguro di no. In ogni caso sta a noi giocare al meglio e vincere più partite possibile, senza preoccuparci degli avversari.”.


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    May 27, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++
    What's the fancard for?
    If u have a fan card u can vote on the best player of the month...
    And probarly a lots of other things i haven`t really gotten into it...
    Aug 26, 2003
    Del Piero pleased with himself Saturday 11 December, 2004


    Alessandro Del Piero is always at the centre of praise or criticism, but the Juve captain is confident he’s doing his job.

    “I realise that there are always great expectations hanging over me, but I consider that to be a good thing. It means that fans and journalists think me capable of brilliant football.”

    Del Piero has barely featured over the last six weeks due to an Achilles tendon problem and muscular strain, but his goal in the 1-1 Champions’ League draw with Maccabi Tel Aviv boosted his confidence.

    “I had a few slight injury worries, but nothing compared to what I had to deal with last year. This is a positive moment for myself and the whole team,” commented the Italian international. “Of course there’s always room for improvement, but I am satisfied with my progress.”

    The Bianconeri qualified top of their Champions’ League group with five wins and a draw, while they must protect a four-point Serie A lead from Milan.

    “I am scoring regularly and my understanding with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcelo Zalayeta is just perfect. When David Trezeguet returns from his shoulder surgery, we will have an extra weapon in our armoury.”

    The press in the Peninsula is already looking forward to next week’s Scudetto showdown with the Rossoneri, but Del Piero pours cold water over their enthusiasm.

    “I understand that this is a game that makes people excited,” he concluded, “but first we must beat Bologna. It’s a very important tie that will get us to the Milan match in top condition. I’m not sure if the title is a two-horse race now, as Inter’s 5-0 win over Messina could spark a string of victories for them. All we must do is concentrate on winning our own games and not on what our opponents are doing.”

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    Jan 31, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by Juve89 ] ++

    If u have a fan card u can vote on the best player of the month...
    And probarly a lots of other things i haven`t really gotten into it...

    wow, giving 10 euros a year just to vote the player of the month. :rolleyes::D

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