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Dec 31, 2000
Greetings all,

Lately there has been great interest in threads where lots of pictures are being posted and those threads usually don't have much other content. Since this is a forum, intended for text use, we have to limit the amount of pictures stored in the forum. Another problem is that a lot of these threads have little or no relation to Juve, which is what we're all here to discuss.

For those those reasons we ask you to limit the amount of picture threads, especially those unrelated to our club. Posting one or two pictures is not a problem but when a thread contains 20 pictures of a player not related to Juve, this forum is the wrong place to post it. This goes for attachments as well as linked pictures.

Existing threads will not be closed but please bear with us, this rule will henceforth be enforced to a larger extent than before.


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