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Jun 17, 2011
So being basically new to the team and hearing that Dybala cannot handle the physical play, Paulo showed some toughness and grit and did quite well even after hitting the turf numerous times because of the Inter hacks.
Yeah, here's the thing. This place is an insane asylum, and sometimes it shows when comments like that get made. You will see in time.
Jan 22, 2016
“It wasn’t an easy summer,” he told Corriere della Sera.

“Hearing your name linked to every team and every place, where you don’t want to go, isn’t a nice thing.

“But this is football, even if before the transfer window opened I said: ‘I want to stay here.’

“I think it was more important to let the pitch do the talking, even if until the last day no-one knew what would happen.

“I wanted to stay, I wanted to play here and continue my career at Juve. I think I can still give a lot and I showed a glimpse of that against Inter.

“I feel less weight on my shoulders and very calm mentally. I was convinced that with Sarri, I’d start to have fun, work and prove what I’m worth. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

“Sarri and Allegri have different ways of playing, and it shows. With Allegri we did so many things, but I think we play a bit more attacking with Sarri and we play the ball more.

“After that, of course, we’ll have to see what happens during the season. My goal was important, for the team and I, to score at that moment, for how we got to the game.

“They’d never lost in the League and now we’re the only unbeaten team in Europe: when it comes to Juventus, sometimes you need to have a bit of respect.”
Feb 12, 2006
Too bad Redcafe is too busy having a meltdown over the possibility of getting relegated. They ain't got no time for minor problems like getting dissed by Dybala.
or as one manure fan at work said to me after he claimed it was man ure that rejected Dybala not the other way around.

"We didn't want your scummy greedy argentinian, di maria was bad enough"



Legendary G.O.A.T
Jun 1, 2012
Paulo Dybala to extend his Juventus contract until 2024! In the next weeks the representatives of Dybala will sit down with the Juventus management to discuss the possibility of a new contract.
Paulo Dybala could earn €9m/yr-€10m/yr in his new contract with Juventus (@NicoShira)

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