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Jul 12, 2002
I was watching Parma vs Inter on saturday and I was amazed the amount of players who had played for both sides and some even played for Lazio too

Frey inter and Parma
Almeyda all 3
Ferrari inter and Parma
Conceciao all 3
Lamouch Inter and Parma
Morfeo Inter and Parma
Vieri Inter and Lazio
Peruzzi Inter and Lazio
adriano Inter and Parma
Di Vaio Lazio(technically) and Parma
corraddi Inter and Lazio
Fiore Parma and Lazio
Veron Lazio and Parma
Couto Parma and Lazio
Inzaghi F(Parma) Inzaghi S (lazio) ok i got desperate:D
Chiesa Lazio and Parma

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Jul 12, 2002
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    Michele Serena has played for both Parma and Inter
    His namesake Aldo Serena is unique in that he played for Juve, Torino, Inter and Milan
    Dino Baggio played for Parma, Inter, Juve and Lazio
    Namesake Roberto played for Inter, Milan, Juventus and would have played for Parma but Ancelotti rejected the move


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Add to the list above:

    Fuser - Parma and Lazio
    Sensini - Parma and Lazio
    Toldo :D - Parma and Inter (although he never played for Parma, he did join them when Fiorentina went bankrupt)
    Cannavaro - Parma and Inter
    Crespo - Parma, Lazio, Inter
    Dino Baggio - Parma and Lazio

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