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Oct 9, 2002
Hey guys , did anyone hear last Vieira’s statements after Arsenal’s 3-1 win over AS Roma in Olympico. . . .
Well , I the French superb stopper stated that if he decided to play in Serie A , he will for sure join Juventus fc . . . & not any other Italian team
What do u think guys of these statements by Vivo ??!!! Is there any possibility for Patrick to join our Black & White old lady or these are only press lines

Forza Juventus Turin fc :cool:

PS: the Italian giants of turin Juventus fc will play a friendly match with a team of many European football stars in the United Arab Emirates on the Date of Jan 3rd & it seems that Juve will bring all their stars with them . . .any comments ? :angel:

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Sep 13, 2002
huzi, there is a thread with this theme in Subject.
Vieira - it's possible and very good, but also very expensive. There is a possibility, that Moggi will sell someone to find money. Maybe this is not the best variant.

ps. no comments, I don't live there :D
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