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Dec 16, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Dharurat ] ++
the best right-sided defender around in Thuram...
Zanetti is better right back than Thuram, although Thuram is a better defender overall.;).
I agree that our defence isn't that bad, but it has been quite the rock solid defence it once was. Particularly our defence looked very vulnerable against quality opposition. Depor totally burned us in the opening periods. And defence was pretty bad against Roma and Lazio.
Chivu is my personal favorite (just a personal taste,;)) and Marquez looks like most cost effective. However, I have a feeling that Moggi will buy Bonera, or play Thuram as a center back. Tudor playing could be other alternative as well, and a world class one, as long as he can stay healthy!:fero:.
We may need leftback as well if Moretti fails to develop into quality starter. To his credit though, he does have potential, so I would be willing to give him a couple of more season to prove himself.:)

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