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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
He is a young french player that we got b4 the summer transfer started. well i see much potential in him. he need to get used to the italian league and the way the seria A is played. Then i could asses him right.

But hes got talent, and he will be very helpful this year

what do u think ?

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Jul 17, 2002
I have an idea!

Why don't you open a thread about him AFTER you give us some usefull information and AFTER you asses him! :extatic:


Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
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    Thanx guys for the replies.
    And majed u can go **** yourself, you ignorant fool.

    am just trying to see what the people of the forum think of the young player and what can he do.

    and i can't asses him becuz i didn't see him play dumbass.
    Aug 26, 2003
    i think we will see him in some matches, cause the season is very long!!! and as usual there will always be some injuried players (but lets hope not)!!

    anyway i think if he doesn't get playing time i would lone him out!


    Senior Member
    Jul 14, 2002
    Kapo needs to play, and not just in the Coppa Italia imo. Nedved can't be 100% right now and we have two tricky games coming up (Sampdoria and Palermo) so Capello should give Olivier a run against Atalanta today.

    - vOnAm -

    Senior Member
    Jul 22, 2004
    I heard he was great at Auxerre, well lots of future! So why aren't we playin him yet? I'd really like to see him play? in my mind I think he'll play like olivera or wiltord, sum1 with real pace!

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