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Jul 30, 2015
No. I'm not mad at all, i think we've got a good money for Hummels. We've already spent €80M on Lucas and Pavard is going to be 3rd option CB probably. We're actually going to sell another CB than signing. Boateng will also be sold. Don't know if it's smart or not.
It actually looks kind of thin if u wanna fight all fronts, maybe you don"t


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Jul 23, 2008
Sensi to Inter for 35M? Barca want him?? I really don't get the hype. Montolivo-esque from what I've seen.
5m loan with 30m Option to buy
Marrotta esque signing. It would be low risk high reward for Inter if he blossoming. But now Inter would have a player who will become their regista and control the tempo of their game

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