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Feb 9, 2013
Still have a soft spot for the Bulls from the Jordan era. But I hear what you're saying about the team. I personally would love to see them climb back to the top of the league. I think it would be good for the NBA.

To be honest, all the drama with Magic and the Lakers was annoying. The Davis signing was a much needed boost to the team. I was concerned that players wouldn't want to come to the Lakers anymore.

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Fair enough. At least they're not the pathetic joke of a team that they used to be. BUT, the Clippers will always be that team that will be good enough to complete but never good enough to win anything. The Lakers, even in these times of rebuilding, are a better draw than the Clippers and will always attract the better players (although, I was concerned that this would not be the case recently).

To be fair to the Clippers it's not really them that bother me but all their damn bandwagon ex-Laker fans.
He's a 76ers fan. Don't be too hard on him. :rab: His team hasn't won a championship in 36 years. He guaranteed one this past year, but sadly Simmons and Embiid choked hard against the Raptors. :lol3:


Oct 28, 2010
That's like saying Torino > Juve.

If Torino made CL and Juve didn’t, that would be a correct assessment

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Picture sent of my, ahem, deck. Enjoy

Not a Zlatan fan. Especially since he plays for LA Galaxy. I root for LAFC. I am not really an MLS fan but LAFC games are fun to attend.
What about eating ass?


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Jan 26, 2009
So there's either not been any new members since 2018 or new members just don't bother posting.

Anyway, new to this message board, so just saying hello.

From Los Angeles. Long time fan of Juventus but never bothered with message boards. It's on my bucket list so just needed to cross another item out. Lol
I like this new guy :D

Anyway, Lebum isn't winning a title for LA. You'll win a championship 1 or 2 years after he retires. Pizza and beer on me if you're right tho (you gotta come to Bangkok or I gotta make it out to LA for that to transpire tho).


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Aug 31, 2006
New guy here, well kinda, being lurking here for few years. Finally decided to make an account.
Juve fan since Anceloti's days o_O
Welcome. I've also been roaming around on this forum for years now, ever since the Calciopoli days, but never really posted much until recently. Most people here seem to be pretty decent anyway, so far as I'm aware of.

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