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Feb 12, 2006
so basically

we're back with the 'tomorrow is a big day' stance otherwise its Guardiola 1 and Conte 2nd option

Nedved believes the next coach is a top 4 EPL coach...

Pjanic gone and Pogba incoming?

Higuain as our main #9 if Conte comes in

0 chance of inzaghi (thank fuck)


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Mar 7, 2013
Why do I keep hearing about Guardiola when he publicly made a big deal about NOT leaving and NOT joining Juventus a few days ago?
Do you honestly not know how anything works in the world? "uggghhh yeah I would love to join Juve" nobody will say that when they have a contract with another team

Not too long ago Marotta said Pogba was not being sold and would report for pre season duty in less than 1 week only for the deal to be official a couple of days later
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