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May 22, 2004
Pavel Nedved heeft een schitterend huis op een golfbaan net buiten Turijn. Als na de training Alessandro Del Piero daar een balletje gaat slaan, komt hij de Tsjech geregeld tegen. Echter nooit met een golfclub in zijn handen, maar altijd in trainingspak en met loopschoenen aan. Terwijl Del Piero een hole in one probeert te slaan, rent Nedved zijn kilometers rond de golfbaan. Hij is dan ook het ultieme trainingsbeest. Opgegroeid met de keiharde Oostblok-wetten, bezeten van de wil om beter te worden en alles uit zijn carrière te halen.

Dat is ook gelukt. Hij is perfect tweebenig, heeft een verwoestende trap, een fantastische techniek en dito tactisch inzicht, en is behalve explosief ook onvermoeibaar door een unieke wedstrijdmentaliteit. Daarmee groeide Nedved uit tot de beste speler van Europa, die bij Juventus legende Zinedine Zidane heeft doen vergeten.


Profile :
Pavel Nedved has a beatifull house on a golfcourt just outside Turin.
If after the training Del Piero comes by to hit a ball, he sees the Czech often. Actualy never with a goldclub in his hands, but always in a training-outfit and with runshoes on. While Del Piero tries to hit a 'hole in one'', Nedved runs kiles around the golfcourt. He is the ultimate 'trainingbeast'. Grown up with the hard Eastern-rules, poisioned to become better and get everything out of his carreer.

It happend. He is perfectly 2-footted, has a exploding shot, fantastic technique and great tactical realization, and is accept explosive, also untired (if that's ok) by a unique gameritme. With that, Nedved became the best player of Europe, that by Juventus legend Zinedine Zidane has been forgotten.


Finally I know why Del Piero is slow and gets changed often :p

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Jan 31, 2003
yeah thats great stuff to hear. doesnt mean anything as such, im sure many others are like that. i like the story of nedved as a teenager. he would have to walk to training which took an hour or so..somtimes he would run there. then he would stay back after training and kick the ball against the wall using both feet until he didnt have an opposite. then he would walk or run back home. i think that is amazing.


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Mar 3, 2004
nedved is my all-time hero!
he runs round the golfcourse to get fit and he is injurd right now
hey delpiero can learn something from pavel!
and for another touching story read my signature!


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Aug 13, 2004
Nedved has the spirit of a champion, and he has obviously had it from the beginning. Its something that others should do to, "to kick the ball against the wall using both feet until he didnt have an opposite"

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
i am very glad that he is commited that much to juve. even though he is injured, he runs miles around the golf-court. While Del Piero, who baldy needs to regain his form, plays golf. :groan:


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Jan 31, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++

golf is a crappy sport anyway.
what rubbish! its one of the hardest sports to play. the technique involved to become a professioanl is amazingly hard to master. I have been playing golf since i was 12 years old and appreciate whats involved in it.


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Jan 30, 2004
Nedved back in the saddle Sunday 22 August, 2004


Pavel Nedved has returned to the playing field, while the Agnelli family reassure fans they will not abandon Juventus.

The Czech international has been out of action since suffering a knee injury during the Euro 2004 semi-final defeat to Greece, but played 45 minutes in a friendly game yesterday evening.

The 5-0 victory over Berretti boosted confidence and fitness levels ahead of next week’s crucial Champions’ League qualifier against Djurgarden. Alessandro Del Piero was on target along with David Trezeguet, Olivier Kapo and Marcelo Zalayeta’s brace.

However, the lack of major new signings this summer has caused unrest within the Juve fanbase, as the death of the Agnelli brothers Gianni and Umberto has seen the family pull away from its close rapport with the club.

“My father Umberto and my uncle Gianni were always very close to Juve,” explained Andrea Agnelli, “because this side is like a genetic part of our family. We will continue the tradition they created.”

Yesterday’s traditional friendly game at the Villar Perosa training ground was the first in many decades without either of the two honorary Presidents. Andrea Agnelli may not have the presence of those figureheads, but he insists he will keep a close eye on the club.

It is a particularly tricky time for the Bianconeri, who finished last season without a single trophy and must win in Sweden on Wednesday to enter the Champions’ League.

“We respect Djurgarden, but also realise our own potential. Hopefully we will also have Nedved back, as he can always give a telling contribution.”

The supporters continue to await the revival of another player, captain Alessandro Del Piero, who has disappointed so far this summer.

“He is an extraordinary person and will be back stronger than ever,” assured Agnelli. “The transfer campaign has been a good one and we are convinced that Juventus are just as good as any other side in Serie A.”

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