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May 1, 2004
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You know each forum member has a rank, well how is it that Freddy****inAdu9 here has the same rank as i had. I was at least up to date and made sense. Any way my point is that i think im due for a promotion. Perhaps assistant coach to that "grey" guy or was it "poalomontero" who runs this joint. Vote Alex and ill get rid of freddy.


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Dec 23, 2002
whats wrong with you??? Just to keep you up to date: Here is the Juventus squad list:

1 G. Buffon 12 A. Chimenti 22 A. Mirante
2 C. Ferrara 4 P. Montero 5 I. Tudor
7 G. Pessotto 13 M. Iuliano
15 A. Birindelli 21 L. Thuram 23 N. Legrottaglie
3 A. Tacchinardi 8 A. Conte 11 P. Nedved
16 M. Camoranesi 18 S. Appiah 19 G. Zambrotta
14 E. Maresca
9 F. Miccoli 10 A. Del Piero 17 D. Trezeguet
20 M. Di Vaio
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