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Aug 27, 2003
Pavel Nedved is in doubt to feature against Maccabi Tel-Aviv after he required five stitches to close a gaping wound.

The Czech international suffered the cut when he clashed with Eugenio Corini during last night’s 1-1 draw with Palermo, but was able to carry on after treatment.

It is remarkable that he could continue, as medical staff today revealed they needed five stitches to close up the laceration just under the calf muscle.

This injury, combined with a bruised back and knee during the Ajax game, put Nedved in doubt to face Maccabi Tel-Aviv in Tuesday’s Champions’ League tie.

David Trezeguet is ready to start despite injuring the shoulder that has already been damaged twice in the past year, while Fabio Cannavaro suffered slight bruising to his foot.

There are reports that the tired performance against Palermo will push Fabio Capello to rotate his squad once more. Up until now he has refused to rest key players Emerson, Cannavaro, Nedved and Gianluca Zambrotta, but some or all may be on the bench this Tuesday.

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Sep 25, 2004
I agree, let's rest the players that need it. I know you should never underestimate an opponent, but MTA at home seems one of the easiest tasks of the season... There is such a thing as having too much respect for an opponent (can't help but wonder if that's what happened yesterday).


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Sep 25, 2004
Against Tel Aviv I think it is ok to start with Nedved and others on the bench - they can always come on, if the going gets tough...


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Dec 16, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++
Well, Nedved should not start in this game. We should give a rest to Emerson, Zambrotta and Canna too.
I agree , we should rest them and let other bench players a chance to shine , especially that we have a tiricky match next week against udinese:frown:
Aug 26, 2003
yes i am also quiet sure!! Appiah and especially Kapo would like to show there worth! (as he has not played a minute now)

and i think with Tacci and Thuram Zambrotta we have experienced players!!!

but overall i think we should not underestimate them, but we should not risk players like Nedved or Cannavaro!

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++

i wouldnt mind seeing how these guys can do

TBH, I'd play that just against a Serie B team. We mustn't take these kind of risks. CL is CL.


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Feb 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++

TBH, I'd play that just against a Serie B team. We mustn't take these kind of risks. CL is CL.
I agree...spaecially we r still in the beginning of the group games...We can take risk in the last match


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Jul 14, 2002
Rest Nedved, Cannavaro and Emerson, they need it. Zambrotta could probably use a rest too. I wanna see Kapo in action and Olivera from the start, as well as DP. He's low on confidence atm and the media is killing him for his poor form. He needs to play 90 minutes and get a goal against a team like Maccabi just to boost him a bit.


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Jul 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by _Emerson ] ++
Del Piero is finish, he is not more than an average player anymore.
He's not finished! Everyone is still comparing him to the form he had '97-98. He's still a great player!

Mr. Gol

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Sep 15, 2004
Vieri has been terrible after Adriano came to Inter, which was a stab in the back after the good seasons he had there.

But as both are ageing their injury recovering rime will start to increase. This could have serious results as both are indeed injured very often.

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