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Jan 12, 2002
Hidetoshi Nakata was a guest in a sports programme in the United Arab Emirates. He appeared with a new look 'shaved head' wearing a black leather jacket. The questions were in Arabic (part of them from callers) and were translated to Italian for him to answer and then translated back to Arabic. Here is part of the interview:

There are reports that you already joined Milan. Whereas other clubs from the Premiership seem to be interested, like Man Utd and Chelsea. What is Nakata's next destination?

All of the teams you mentioned are great teams and I would be happy to play with any of them but I still didn't receive any offers.

If you joined Milan, don't you think that you will have the same problems at Roma, not enough playing time?

That's true, Milan have a great squad already. But if I happen to join a great side I will always give my best to prove to the coach my abilities.

Can you talk about your move from a big club like Roma to a small club like Parma?

Well, Parma is not a small team. I adapted well in this club well, we had a good group of players and won the Coppa together.

While you were in Roma, you didn't have much playing time but you scored a goal and created another one against Juve in the Delle Alpi, a match that many believe awarded Roma the Scudetto that season.

That's true, at that time I desperately wanted to play but was always benched by Capello. When we won the Scudetto I didn't feel very happy because I didn't take a huge part in it as I only played a small number of matches. I disccussed this sensitive issue with Capello many times but still didn't play, at the end I moved to Parma.

Who is your favourite coach?

Mazzone. He coached me while I was playing my second season with Perugia. He believed in me and allowed me to play with freedom in the pitch without any restrictions.

Some believe that Juve are helped by referees, what do you think?

No, Juve totally deserved the Scudetto they won. Referres don't interfere in matches, especially when players score 3 or 4 goals in a match.

Everyone in the world noticed that Japan and S. Korea have improved massively since the late 90s. What happened?

The officials in Japan and S. Korea wanted to improve the standards during that time. They introduced professionalism in the game and allowed foriegn players to join the J-league and that improved the level of the league which was reflected in the national team in the end.

Why do you think S. Korea advanced to a better position than Japan in the 2002 World Cup?

(laughs) .. I presume they played better, but in all honesty I can't comment as I didn't watch any of their matches ...

During your spell with Roma, your national team (Japan) was competing and needed your services but you prefered to stay in Italy to play with Roma instead, even though you were a sub in that match.

That was not my decision. Troussier and Capello discussed this issue and they both agreed that I should stay in Rome. I didn't have a say in this and only had to follow the orders.

What do you think of the Confederations Cup?

It is an important competition and I rate it second to the World Cup. It was a shame that some world-class players didn't join because they were playing with their clubs. But the overall level of the competition was good.

What did football give you?

It allowed me to realise my dream and play in Europe, meet new people, make new friends, and get introduced to new cultures. That to me is more important than money.

What did football take from you?

It didn't take anything from me.

When do you think you will settle down and make a family?

I don't know. I still didn't meet THE girl, but when I do I will think of marriage and having a family.

Will you find her in Italy or Japan?

(laughs) It doesn't matter .. her nationality is not important.

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Mar 22, 2003
Good Job dpforever
I saw the interview.. I think Abu Dhabi sports channel is really great because it did many interviews with many great players... but unfortunately when Delpiero was here they couldn’t catch him...BTW the announcer Mohammed Najeeb


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Dec 13, 2002
Thanks for sharing that Fahad... :) :thumb:

I've always liked Nakata... except when he's playing against Juve ;)

I hope he'll make at a big club some day. A club were he wont have to be screwed over by some ignorant freak like Capello.


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Mar 26, 2003
ah nakatas great, but the reporter pissed me off!!! What do you think about referees helping JUVE? F**** you biyatch! Juve deserved to win that scudetto, ah that reporter must have been a roma fan!


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Jun 8, 2003
I'd like to lsiten to Nakata speaking Italian.

If he can do it well maybe I should make up my mind to do a course or something.

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