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Jul 3, 2003
Well Here's The Scheudele I Sticked With..

Day 1 : Turino
Day 2 : Turino
Day 3 : Milano
Day 4 : Turino
Day 5 : The Italian Riviera

First of all i Checked in to the hotel with my family and relaxed a litle. Then we went out to get something to eat. After the late meal we went out to see the town! The coolest thing was that there were people out on the streets to like 3-4 in the mornin, and we're talking about a Thursday here!! Well, we hanged out a litle and then went back to the hotel to get som sleep..

Day 2 : We went down to se the big sale market in Turino and It was really cool to see! There were people everywhere selling everything from faked Juve shirts to all kinds of fish , meat and fruits.. Later we went to the cinema museum which was really cool! I also bought the new Nike Jersey that day !! And the price? (don't choke now!) 54 Euro. And yes, it was the official one. I bougt it in a shoe store actually who (like every other store) didn't put one price on the shirts in junior sizes and one price on the bigger sizes. I also went up in a big tower which i don't remember the name of. But u could see the whole city from it!! It was like Turinos Eifel tower..Later that night i went to se the gigantic Delle Alpi Stadio..

Day 3 : We took the train down to Milano (What?! :eek:) To see the big church. And It was really Cool!!! But the coolest thing though was that the guard guarding the church said "Forza Juve!" to Me..( I was wearing my Juve Shirt )..
Anyway, that day went to see Milano, kind of cool city exept from the football team of course :D..

Day 4 : Nothing speciell actually, just cruising around in Turin..

Day 5 : We went to the Italian Riviera to check out the sea! And it was so nice..It was so warm too..And there were som nice girls on the beach too, which doesn't do the thing worse :blink:..When we went back to Turino I bougt som Juve stuff and well, that's It for my Trip To Italy!

Nice things With Italy!
1. The food
2. The soccer
3. The Girls
4. The people

Bad Things With Italy!
1. Very Dirty in some places
2. Alot of poor people on the streets with no money
3. Alot of prostitution
4. Berlussconi.. People say that he's ruined the land..

/ JuventiniSweden..

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Jun 4, 2003
interesting review, thank you, i liked especially that part with "buying Juve stuff" , which sounds really :greedy: to me :D

i am happy the time was best and that you enjoyed your trip. there are many places to see in italy, but i am more found of nordic countries and holland :D whatever, you have plenty of art and history there, for the fans (i mean in italy) , but you have lots of football memories to develop too ...

and the food mentioning is :thumb: i feel that i can't stop myself from eating tortellini these days ;) :lick:

congrats anyway :D


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Jun 4, 2003
you are welcome my dear :)

anyway, the weather is usually like that in those parts of this world, as in spain, portugal and greece too (i mean in this season of course), in case you're planning to visit those too ;) :D


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Jul 25, 2001
Sounds like a great trip, man! Italy is fun in that area, isn't it?!

Nice to hear you boughtsome Juve stuff :cool: Nothing like a jersey with a story ;)
Jul 3, 2003
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    ++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++
    Sounds like a great trip, man! Italy is fun in that area, isn't it?!

    Nice to hear you boughtsome Juve stuff :cool: Nothing like a jersey with a story ;)
    Yeah..I agree with you on both of the things you said..haha..

    I bougt the polo shirt too..

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