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Jan 12, 2002
Video Music Awards .. that is, has anyone seen it ??

It was very amazing, Chris Rock made fun of literally everyone attending the event, from Eminem, Justin, 50 Cent to R Kelly. There were also many live performances such as: Coldplay, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce/Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna.

Missy Elliott had never won a VMA for her own work despite 17 nominations finally won Video of the Year and Best Hip-Hop Video for "Work It," she thanked Aaliyah in her acceptance of the award.

However, the most amazing surprise was Madonna's kiss with Britney Spears and then Christina Aguilera after their performance in the openning of the event.

Ohh, and there was no Michael Jackson surprise this year.


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Mar 26, 2003
WOW WOW WOW WOW HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think it will be replayed? i gotta see that. i remember the tatu performance in another award thing, i watched it 5 times SOO GOOD!


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Apr 24, 2003
Ha! i went out yesterday but HAD to watch britney. i liked that performance. now i gotta see the rerun to see jay-z etc


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May 14, 2003
I don`t like Justin at all!

Damn, that kiss.... Maddy is really crazy!
50 Cent rules, He is GREAT he deserved every award he recived! :strong:

BTW - Is here somebody who thinks that Jay-Z is :lick:??


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Oct 3, 2002
did u see the lil show of snoop with american pie was funny:thumb:.and ofcourse when snoop was singing with that ass fifty it was cool too.


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Jul 14, 2002
I saw that Madonna/Britney/Christina show :excited:

Madonna was amazing as always, everything! :thumb:

Christina: she has amazing voice live! :dazed::thumb:

Britney: that girl cant sing live at all :howler: She was behaving like: wth I'm doing here! :redface: I bet, if she were on the top of her career, not on the bottom, she wouldnt get that job :D

Oh, and poor Christina, she lost her fashion victim title, the new winner is Missy Elliot! What an outfit :rolleyes:


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Apr 24, 2003
well i really like britney and i knew she was opening the show so i had to watch her. shes also doing the halftime show soon on something on the NFL where mary j is also performing
i dont think jay-z is hot but i love him i heard he is retiring from music which sucks. haha justins face after britney and madonna kissed was priceless


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Jan 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nosubstitute959 ] ++
I think 50 Cent won the most. I saw him holding 4 in his hand. :eek:
Some of those were Eminem's :)

++ [ originally posted by snoop] ++
did u see the lil show of snoop with american pie was funny.
It was Adam Sandler, not Jason Biggs.

About Madonna she made a guest appearance in Will & Grace, and she was funny ...
Aug 27, 2003
ewwww britney and madonna kissing was gross freaked me out but did u see how the cmaera straight went to justin i was laughing so

but yeah all in all the thing was amazing

i did not excpet to see missy getting best video of the year..
And eminem going home with one award :O

u know i had no faith in linkin park winning u saw like eveanecnce, the white stripes.metliaca!!! and goodcharlote..i thought linkin park would never win but i was really glad to see them win :D whooohoo one nomantaion all it took!

and vierws choice went to goodcharlotte surpise surpirse!

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