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Jul 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by mikhail ] ++

Terry, Gallas, Bridge and Lampard are going nowhere, but Cole, Mutu and Crespo have less certain futures. Here's how I see it:

I imagine he'll be getting rid of several keepers, none of which Juve would be interested. Melchiot and Babyaroo are rumoured to be on their way out. They'd be dencent squad players (Babyaroo could let Zambro play in midfield, giving Juve some width), but I can't see either being signed.

Midfield is tough. Veron's already gone to Inter on loan (season-long I assume). He'll probably let Cole, Gronkjaer, Geremi, Petit and some even more marginal squad players go (so he'll be looking for a right winger), but again, none of these are likely to be Juve material. One possibility is Makelele going (possibly with Costinha coming in), but he's an unlikely Juve target

Where it gets interesting is up front. He's essentially got five top drawer strikers in Mutu, Gudjohnsson, Hasselbaink, Crespo and Forsell. Any of them would be useful enough to get (though I'd baulk at signing Hasselbaink - he's a lazy player), but Forsell has gone back to Birmingham for another season-long loan, so any sales will only come after a purchase.

Really, it's not clear yet how he'll handle the squad, so we can only speculate.
thats the fun of it :cool:


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Apr 7, 2004
no gronk meister either... i think him to be a bit on the inconsistent side... anybody that is worth anything comin back here are cole and mutu... the gallas' and terry's aren't leavin so rule them out...


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Apr 22, 2003
I used to like Gronkjaer when he was with Ajax. There was this one goal he scored where the ball was lobbed to him, and he was one on one with the keeper. His first touch was to head the ball to the keeper's left, run to the keeper's right and collect the ball on the other side to coolly slot it into the net :cool:


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Dec 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Togon ] ++
Have you ever heard Lippi, Trap, or Capello defines himself as a "Top Manager"? but sure he is clever, as he could aplicate the example of the one bad apple to the more original one bad orange.
In other words, you're talking about Vieri ...

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