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Jun 9, 2003
Mosley to step down as FIA president Staff


Max Mosley will step down as the president of FIA, the international governing body of motorsport, in October.

Mosley informed the FIA general assembly of his decision during a meeting in Paris, according to a statement released on Thursday.

Mosley's term as FIA president was set to expire in October of 2005. It's unclear at this point if he'll be replaced by an interim president or if new elections would be held immediately.

Mosley is set to address the media on Friday at Magny-Cours, site of this weekend's French Grand Prix.

Mosley was first elected FIA president in 1993 and re-elected to a second four year terms in 1997 and 2001. The former F1 driver also co-founded the March racing team, which also competed in Formula One.

Recently, Mosley openly backed Ferrari boss Jean Todt for a role within FIA which he said would ultimately result in the Frenchman succeeding him.

Over the last year, Mosley has been responsible for initiating a number of rule changes within Formula One to try and bring down the cost of the sport and reduce speeds while ensuring closer racing and a better show for spectators.

He recently proposed a set of radical changes which were due to take effect in 2008 following the expiration of the Concorde Agreement, but has been lobbying to bring some of the measures into the sport much sooner. At a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council this week, he put F1 teams on notice that they have three months to come up with suitable alternatives to his proposals otherwise he will invoke the safety clause in the Concorde Agreement in order to get some of his changes implemented in time for 2005.

Mosley played a leading role in the Formula One war of 1980-82 between FISA, then FIA's sporting subsidiary, and the constructors organisation FOCA, which led to the Concorde Agreement which effectively put control of all commercial interests into FOCA chief Bernie Ecclestone's hands.

Mosley, who was FOCA's lawyer from 1977, ousted Jean-Marie Balestre as President of FISA in 1991. He then merged the FIA and the FISA and in October 1993 became the FIA President for a four year period.


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