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Jan 31, 2004
Morientes calls Capello
Saturday 20 November, 2004

Fernando Morientes and Santiago Solari look set to leave Real Madrid for Serie A shores, possibly as early as January.

The Spanish international has long been linked with Italian clubs, above all Roma and Juventus, and he admits the move is a possibility.

“There is no room at Real for me,” said Morientes. “I want to play in Italy and still don’t understand why my proposed switch to Roma fell through.”

The Giallorossi had been in advanced negotiations with the experienced forward in the summer, but the departure of Fabio Capello pushed the club towards other targets.

Capello has never disguised his admiration for Morientes and would certainly appreciate his arrival at the Stadio Delle Alpi, where Juventus are looking for a new forward after David Trezeguet’s injuries.

“I don’t cause problems for Madrid, but when I answer my critics with goals I always seem to end up back on the bench,” added the forward. “I know my own worth and want to play regularly. I wish I’d never left Monaco now.”

Morientes isn’t the only star preparing to leave the Bernabeu, as Santiago Solari is heading for the San Siro next summer.

His contract expires in July and the Argentine – who rejected Inter’s terms when the deal had already been done two years ago – is a target for both Milan and the Nerazzurri.

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Dec 16, 2002
trez and dp are always injured , this leave zalayeta and zlatan only , so we need another one like morientis (kapo , olivera are not strikers)


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Nov 2, 2004
hmm.. we dont really him with Zlatan and Trez around... and not to metion Del Piero..

Solari joining us would be nice ;)


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Nov 18, 2004
There is 1 point we should say it about him

Morientes Good striker ... But ??

if its about the moving to the bianconeri (( too hard )) honestly

and i guess this transfer if happened would not be accepted from the common fans who loves Juve.

i do respect Morientes as a player and what he did in monaco last season was great.. which i guess was a moment of luck to him(comparing) with Real this season.. but we should not forget that he was playing in french league the league that is totally different than calcio from the power to the we have so many forwards that can keep juve on the top .

i am sure on winter transfers. muggi will not keep as asking

who is next !!!!!!!!?

100 % will bring a good player no matter the position he play.

striker or defender or midfielder

The importnat is the worth


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Mar 16, 2004
Morientes is a great striker, one we could put to work here at Juventus. I'm not sure if we really need him, but there is always the possibility of more injuries to our front line. But it just isn't Moggi's style to bring a player like Fernando over during the January transfer market. So I highly doubt Mori will be at Juve in the new Year.


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Mar 28, 2004
To bring Morientes ? for what? to warm the bench like in Real Madrid? I dont think we need bench strikers of that caliber right now, better if we reinforce the team with someone like Jankuloski or Oddo...and, in time is right, bring Mutu in...

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