Montero Ponders Uruguayan Return (1 Viewer)

Aug 1, 2003
Juventus defender Paolo Montero has revealed he is considering making a return to the international scene with Uruguay.
Montero quit the national side following the 2002 World Cup after complaining of problems with the Uruguayan Football Association.
The tough-tackling defender now admits he is ready to return to the fold if coach Juan Ramon Carrasco wants him to.
"When I had resigned from the national team it was because I had some problems that didn't have anything to do with football, but my head and my heart are always on the national team," said Montero.
"I would like to wear the light blue shirt because I have strong feelings for it.
"I head that the coach said that he would be happy having me back in the team so that makes me very proud."
Carrascp revealed he is willing to welcome Montero back into the side.
"Paolo can come back when he wants to, he knows which is my opinion, I always had a big respect for what he decided," said Carrasco.
"Paolo is a class player like Recoba and Forlan so he would be a great help for the team, he would give us more quality."


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Aug 1, 2003
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    I dont think its a good idea Montero returns (sorry montero) he's old and what else can he do for the team anyway.

    who's the replacing capt?

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